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Ernest Hemingway
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Barclay, Linwood – Bad Guys
Barclay, Linwood – Bad Move
Barclay, Linwood – Lone Wolf
Barclay, Linwood – Stone Rain
Blechta, Rick – Cemetery of the Nameless
Blechta, Rick – When Hell Freezes Over
Carr, Caleb – The Italian Secretary
Christie, Agatha – Seven Deadly Sins
Clark, Carol Higgins – Burned
Clark, Carol Higgins – Cursed
Clark, Carol Higgins – Decked
Clark, Carol Higgins – Fleeced
Clark, Carol Higgins – Gypped
Clark, Carol Higgins – Hitched
Clark, Carol Higgins – Iced
Clark, Carol Higgins – Jinxed
Clark, Carol Higgins – Laced
Clark, Carol Higgins – Mobbed
Clark, Carol Higgins – Popped
Clark, Carol Higgins – Snagged
Clark, Carol Higgins – Twanged
Clark, Carol Higgins – Wrecked
Clark, Carol Higgins – Zapped
Clark, Mary Higgins – The Night Awakens
Clark, Mary Higgins – The Plot Thickens
Connelly, Michael – City of Bones
Connelly, Michael – The Concrete Blonde
Cornwell, Patricia – Blow Fly
Cornwell, Patricia – Book of the Dead
Dexter, Colin – Death is Now My Neighbour
Dexter, Colin – Last Bus to Woodstock
Dexter, Colin – Last Seen Wearing
Dexter, Colin – Service of all the Dead
Dexter, Colin – The Daughters of Cain
Dexter, Colin – The Dead of Jericho
Dexter, Colin – The Jewel that was Ours
Dexter, Colin – The Remorseful Day
Dexter, Colin – The Riddle of the Third Mile
Dexter, Colin – The Secret of Annexe 3
Dexter, Colin – The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
Dexter, Colin – The Way Through the Woods
Dexter, Colin – The Wench is Dead
Douglas, Fletcher – Other Edge of Justice
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan – The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes
Evanovich, Janet – Fearless Fourteen
Evanovich, Janet – Two for the Dough
Galbraith, Robert – Career of Evil
Galbraith, Robert – The Cuckoo's Calling
Galbraith, Robert – The Silkworm
Grafton, Sue – A is for Alibi
Grafton, Sue – B is for Burglar
Grafton, Sue – C is for Corpse
Grafton, Sue – D is for Deadbeat
Grafton, Sue – E is for Evidence
Grafton, Sue – F is for Fugitive
Grafton, Sue – G is for Gumshoe
Grafton, Sue – H is for Homicide
Grafton, Sue – I is for Innocent
Grafton, Sue – J is for Judgment
Grafton, Sue – K is for Killer
Grafton, Sue – L is for Lawless
Grafton, Sue – M is for Malice
Grafton, Sue – N is for Noose
Grafton, Sue – O is for Outlaw
Grafton, Sue – P is for Peril
Grafton, Sue – Q is for Quarry
Grafton, Sue – R is for Ricochet
Grafton, Sue – S is for Silence
Grafton, Sue – T is for Trespass
Grafton, Sue – U is for Undertow
Grafton, Sue – V is for Vengeance
Grafton, Sue – W is for Wasted
Grafton, Sue – X
Grafton, Sue – Y is for Yesterday
Grafton, Sue – Kinsey and Me
Hewson, David – The Villa of Mysteries
Hitchcock, Alfred – The Best of Mystery
Horowitz, Anthony – The House of Silk
Lutz, Lisa – Curse of the Spellmans
Lutz, Lisa – Heads You Lose
Lutz, Lisa – The Last Word
Lutz, Lisa – Revenge of the Spellmans
Lutz, Lisa – Spellman Six
Lutz, Lisa – The Spellman Files
Lutz, Lisa – The Spellmans Strike Again
Lutz, Lisa – Trail of the Spellmans
Moore, Graham – The Sherlockian
Parker, Robert B. – Stone Cold
Penny, Louise – Still Life
Vasas-Brown, Cathy – Some Reason in Madness
Verdon, John - Shut Your Eyes Tight
Verdon, John - Think of a Number
Walters, Minette – The Tinder Box
Wolfe, Inger Ash – The Calling

About Samantha

Flutist, conductor, musical tour de force
Hailed by The WholeNote Magazine for her “lyricism, resourcefulness, and strong personal commitment to the flute”, Canadian flutist Samantha Chang is a musical tour de force and rising artist. Her mandate to perform, to teach, and to create opportunities for aspiring flutists is nothing short of astonishing.


Upcoming Events

Saturday, June 17, 2017 12:00 PM
(9:00 am PST) 2t Flute Academy Online (

Monday, June 19, 2017 7:30 PM
Summer in the City Flute Festival at St. Thomas’s Anglican Church (383 Huron Street, Toronto, ON)

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Bolling for Flute

Expected date of release: 2018
Samantha Chang is excited to be working with Mark Camilleri, Mark Inneo, and Pat Kilbride in recording Claude Bolling's works for flute. Stay tuned for updates!

Bolling at Koerner Hall

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