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John Phillip Sousa's advice to piccolo players (contributed by Lee Davis)
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Alry Publications Etc. Inc. – Original Works and American Music
Alry Publications Etc. Inc. – Programs for Christmas
Alry Publications Etc. Inc. – Programs for Kids (or Any Age)
Alry Publications Etc. Inc. – Programs with Themes
Alry Publications Etc. Inc. – Sacred Music, Jewish Music and "Just Plain Gorgeous" Music
Artaud, Pierre-Yves – Dix ans avec la flute
Artaud, Pierre-Yves – La flute
Bailey, David H. – Band Instrument Repair Basic Repair Procedures
Bania, Maria – Sweetenings and Babylonish Gabble
Bate, Philip – The Flute
Bell, Kenneth – A Woodwind Teachers Flute Handbook
Bigio, Robert – Readings in the History of the Flute
Bigio, Robert – Rudall, Rose & Carte
Blakeman, Edward – Taffanel Genius of the Flute
Blakeman, Edward – Wibb: A Flute for Life
Blank, Jason – The Ten Rules of Flute
Boehm, Theobald – The Flute and Flute Playing
Boehm, Theobald – On the Construction of Flutes: Uber den Flotenbau
Brown, Rachel – The Early Flute
Cagianelli, Floriana and Daria Della Croce – Giulio Briccialdi e Il Suo Tempo
Claypool, Richard David – J.S. Bach's Sonatas for Melody Instrument and Cembalo Concertato
Cohen, Sheryl – Bel Canto Flute: The Rampal School
Cooper, Albert – The Flute
De Lorenzo, Leonardo – My Complete Story of The Flute
Debost, Michel – The Simple Flute From A to Z
Dennis, Jeannine - The Life and Music of Lowell Liebermann with an Emphasis on His Music for the Flute and the Piccolo
Dick, Robert – Circular Breathing for the Flutist
Dick, Robert – The Other Flute
Dick, Robert – Tone Development Through Extended Techniques
Dorgeuille, Claude – The French Flute School
Dzapo, Kyle J. – Notes for Flutists: A Guide to the Repertoire
Estevan. Pilar – Talking with Flutists Volume 1
Estevan. Pilar – Talking with Flutists Volume 2
Fairley, Andrew – Flutes, Flautists & Makers
Fitzgibbon, H. Macaulay – The Story of the Flute
Floyd, Angeleita S. – The Gilbert Legacy
Fries, Susan – My Teacher Remembering Marcel Moyse
Galway, James – An Autobiography
Galway, James – Flute
Galway, James – The Man with the Golden Flute
Garner, Lisa M. - Lowell Liebermann A Stylistic Analysis and Discussion of the Sonata for Flute and Piano Op. 23 Sonata for Flute and Guitar Op. 25 and Soliloquy for Flute Solo Op. 44
Gartner, Jochen – The Vibrato of the Flutist
Gippo, Jan – The Complete Piccolo
Goldberg, Adolph – Portrats und Biographien hervorragender Floten-Virtuosen, -Dilettanten und -Komponisten
Graf, Peter-Lukas – Interpretation How to Shape a Melodic Line
Hagen, Timothy – From Theory to Practice: An Analytical Performance Guide for Flutists
Hamilton, S. C. – The Irish Flute Player's Handbook
Haswell, Arthur and Tina – Student Flute Maintenance
Hotteterre, Jacques-Martin – Principles of the Flute, Recorder and Oboe
Howell, Thomas – The Avant-garde Flute
The Instrumentalist – Woodwind Anthology Volume 1
Krell, John C. – Kincaidiana
Kuijken, Barthold – The Notation is not the Music
Landell, Jonathon A. – Flute Overhaul and Mechanical Course Notes
Landell, Jonathon A. – The Landell Flute Padding Techniques Course Notes
Landell, Jonathon A. – The Landell Flute Tune-Up Manual
Lazzari, Gianni – Il Flauto Traverso: storia, tecnica, acustica
Lenski, Karl and Karl Ventzke – Das goldene Zeitalter der Flote
Lin, Horng-Jiun – An Illustrated Basic Flute Repair Manual for Professionals
Maclagan, Susan J. – A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist
Mather, Betty Bang and David Lasocki – Free Ornamentation in Woodwind Music 1700-1775
McArthur, Lisa R. - Lowell Liebermann His Compositional Style as Derived from Three Flute Works and Applied to Other Selected Instrumental Works
McCutchan, Ann – Marcel Moyse Voice of the Flute
McIver, Sarah Eckman - The Music of Flutist Composers Perfromances of Selected Works for Flute Composed Between 1852 and 2005
Meierott, Lenz – Die geschichtliche Entwicklung der kleinen Flotentypen und ihre Verwendung in der Musik des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts
Metropolitan Museum of Art, The – Historic Flutes from Private Collections
Meylan, Raymond – The Flute
Milan, Susan – Flute Notes
Moratz, Karen Evans – Flute for Dummies
Morris, Gareth – Flute Technique
Muramatsu – General Catalogue of Flute Music
National Flute Association – The Flutist's Handbook: A Pedagogy Anthology
National Flute Association – Guide for Flute Clubs
National Flute Association – Selected Flute Repertoire and Studies: A Graded Guide 2009
Olsen, Dale A. – World Flutelore
O'Sullivan, Simon D. A. – History of the Flute in Early French Verse
O'Sullivan, Simon D. A. – Origins and Etymology of the European Transverse Flute
Paradiso, Claudio – Il Flauto in Italia
Pearson, Lea – Body Mapping for Flutists
Pellerite, James J. – A Handbook of Literature for the Flute
Phelan, J. James – The Complete Guide to the Flute and Piccolo
Pierreuse, Bernard – Flute Literature
Pierreuse, Bernard – The Great Flute Repertoire Volume 1
Pierreuse, Bernard – The Great Flute Repertoire Volume 2
Pinksterboer, Hugo – Tipbook Flute & Piccolo
Poor, Mary Louise – Guide to Flute Teaching
Powell, Ardal – The Flute
Powell, Ardal – Traverso: Historical Flute Newsletter, The Second Decade 1999-2008
Price, Lew Paxton – The Oldest Magic
Putnik, Edwin – The Art of Flute Playing
Quantz, Johann Joachim – On Playing the Flute
Quantz, Johann Joachim – Versuch einer Anweisung die Flote traversiere zu spielen
Rainey, Jr., Thomas E. – The Flute Manual
Rampal, Jean-Pierre – La Flute
Rampal, Jean-Pierre – Music, My Love
Rockstro, Richard Shepherd – A Treatise on the Construction the History and the Pratice of the Flute
Rockstro, Richard Shepherd – The Flute
Scheck, Gustav – Die Flote und ihre Musik
Schmuhl, Boje E. Hans – Flotenmusik in Geschichte und Auffuhrungspraxis zwischen 1650 und 1850
Schmuhl, Boje E. Hans – Geschichte, Bauweise und Spieltechnik der Querflote
Seed, Roderick – Mastering the Flute with William Bennett
Simpson, Mary Jean – Editing Your Club's Newsletter
Smith, J.L. "Jeff" – The Complete J.L. Smith Flute Buyer's Guide
Smith, J.L. "Jeff" – Servicing the Flute
Soldan, Robin & Jeanie Mellersh – Illustrated Flute Playing
Solum, John – The Early Flute
Timlin, Francis Eugene - An Analytic Study of the Flute Works of Jacques Ibert
Toff, Nancy – Monarch of the Flute The Life of Gerogers Barrere
Toff, Nancy – The Development of the Modern Flute
Toff, Nancy – The Flute Book
Tromlitz, Johann George – The Virtuoso Flute Player
Tulou, Jean-Louis – A Method for the Flute
Ventzke, Karl and Dietrich Hilkenbach – Boehm-Instrumente Boehm Woodwinds
Vester, Frans – Flute Music of the 18th Century
Vester, Frans – W.A. Mozart On the Performance of the Works for Wind Instruments
Voorhees, J. L. – The Classification of Flute Fingering Systems of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Welch, Christopher – History of the Boehm Flute
Wilkinson, Fiona – The Physical Flute
Windplayer Publications – Breathing Masterclasses
Windplayer Publications – Flute Masterclass
Windplayer Publications – Flute Stories
Windplayer Publications – Selected Audition Masterclasses Volume I
Wye, Trevor – Fantastic Flutes!
Wye, Trevor – Flute Secrets: Advice for Students, Teachers and Professionals
Wye, Trevor – Marcel Moyse An Extraordinary Man

About Samantha

Flutist, conductor, musical tour de force
Hailed by The WholeNote Magazine for her “lyricism, resourcefulness, and strong personal commitment to the flute”, Canadian flutist Samantha Chang is a musical tour de force and rising artist. Her mandate to perform, to teach, and to create opportunities for aspiring flutists is nothing short of astonishing.


Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 5, 2018 7:30 PM
OCMS-SO 19th Annual Concert at Yorkminster Citadel (One Lord Seaton Road, North York, ON)

Sunday, June 10, 2018 2:00 PM
CASTYO 25th Annual Concert at Glenn Gould Studio (250 Front Street West, Toronto, ON)

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Bolling for Flute

Expected date of release: 2019
Samantha Chang is excited to be working with Mark Camilleri, Mark Inneo, and Pat Kilbride in recording Claude Bolling's works for flute. Stay tuned for updates!

Bolling at Koerner Hall

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