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Alain, Jehan – Trois Mouvements
Albeniz, I. – Le Printemps
Aliabiev, A. – Le Rossignol The Nightingale
Alkan, Charles-Valentin – Barcarolle Op. 65 No. 6
Allen, Geoffrey – Fountains Op. 12 No. 3
Allen, Geoffrey – The Princess and her Frog go swimming Op. 12 No. 2
Altes, Joseph-Henri – Romanza Op. 33 No. 1
Alwyn, William – Three Easy Pieces
Amberg, Johan – Theme et variations
Ameller, Andre – Le Merluchon
Ameller, Andre – Nathalie et Sylvie
Amirov, Fikret – Six Pieces
Ancient Music – Singing in a Fishing Boat in the Dusk
Andersen, Joachim – Album Leaf Op. 19
Andersen, Joachim – Au bord de la mer Op. 9
Andersen, Joachim – Ballade et Danse des Sylphes Op. 5
Andersen, Joachim – Deux Morceaux Op. 28
Andersen, Joachim – Deuxieme Morceau de Concert Op. 61
Andersen, Joachim – Fantaisie caracteristique Op. 16
Andersen, Joachim – Fantaisies nationales Op. 59 No. 1
Andersen, Joachim – Fantasy on Bellini’s “Norma”
Andersen, Joachim – Five Songs without Words
Andersen, Joachim – Impromptu Op. 7
Andersen, Joachim – Introduction et Caprice sur des Airs hongroises Op. 58
Andersen, Joachim – La Resignation (Meditation) et Polonaise Op. 22
Andersen, Joachim – Legend
Andersen, Joachim – L'Hirondelle Valse Caprice Op. 44
Andersen, Joachim – Morceaux de Salon Op. 6 No. 1 & 2
Andersen, Joachim – Moto perpetuo Op. 8
Andersen, Joachim – Pirun Polska (Polka du diable) Introduction et Caprice sur des airs finnois Op. 49
Andersen, Joachim – Quatre Morceaux de Salon Op. 51
Andersen, Joachim – Scherzino Op. 55 No. 6
Andersen, Joachim – Trois Morceaux Op. 57
Andersen, Joachim – Variations drolatiques sur un air suedois (pendant du Carneval russe de Ciardi) Op. 26
Andersen, Joachim – Variations elegiaques Op. 27
Andriasov, Iosif – Musical Sketch Op. 4
Andriessen, Hendrik – Kleine Suite
Anhui Folk Song – A Little Fish with Pink Gills
Anonymous – The Rakes o' Mallow
Applebaum, Louis – Diversions
Archer, Violet – Catch Me
Archer, Violet – Four Miniatures
Arma, Paul – Two Sketches
Arnell, Richard – Andante and Allegro Op. 58
Arnest, Richard – Piece
Arnest, Richard – Wild Mountain Thyme
Arnest, Richard – Wind from the shore
Arnold, Malcolm – Sarabande from the ballet Solitaire
Arrieu, Claude – Chanson de la Pastoure
Attaingnant, Pierre – Que je chatoulle ta fossette from Danseries, 2nd series
Attwood, Thomas – Andante from Sonatina No. 3
Auber, Daniel Francois Esprit – Masaniello
Aubert, Louis – Lied
Aubert, Louis – Madrigal
Aubert, Louis – Nocturne Op. 7
Auclert, Pierre – Theme Varie
Audran, Edmond – The Mascot
Avni, Tzvi – Four Simple Pieces
Bach, Johann Sebastian – Adagio from Violin Sonata No. 4 in C minor BWV 1017
Bach, Johann Sebastian – Arioso (Largo from Concerto for Harpsichord and String Orchestra)
Bach, Johann Sebastian – Gavotte
Bach, Johann Sebastian – Largo
Bach, Johann Sebastian – Minuet
Bach, Johann Sebastian – Prelude in E Major BWV 853 from The Well-Tempered Clavier Part I
Bach-Gounod – Ave Maria
Bach, Johann Sebastian – Air from Suite No. 3
Bach, Johann Sebastian – Sinfonia
Bach, Johann Sebastian – Suite No. 2 in B minor BWV 1067
Bach, Johann Sebastian – Wachet auf, Ruft uns die stimme (Sleepers, Awake)
Bach, Johann Sebastian and Charles Gounod – Ave Maria
Badarzewska, Tekla – A Maiden’s Prayer
Badings, Hank – Capriccio
Baker, Michael Conway – Collage
Baker, Michael Conway – Generations
Baker, Michael Conway – Some Summertime Op. 116
Banks, Don – Three Episodes
Bantock, Granville – Pagan Poem
Barber, Samuel – Canzone
Barclay, Arthur – Elegy
Barclay, Arthur – Idyll
Barclay, Arthur – Rhapsody
Bardwell, William – Sarabande from “The Goose in the Garage”
Barlow, Fred – Pavane
Barnes, James – Autumn Soliloquy Op. 65
Barrett, John – The Catherine - A Country Dance
Barth, Christian Frederik – Potpourri Concertant Op. 9
Bartok, Bela – An Evening in the Village
Bartok, Bela – Suite Paysanne Hongroise
Baton, Rhene – Passacaille
Bax, Arnold – Four Pieces
Bazzini, A. – La Ronde des Lutins
Beach, Amy Marcy – Heartsease Op. 97 No. 2 from Grandmother's Garden
Beach, Amy Marcy – Mignonette Op. 97 No. 3 from Grandmother's Garden
Beazley, J.C. – Phoebus
Beecroft, Norma – Tre pezzi brevi
Beethoven, Ludwig van – Adagio fur Eine Spieluhr
Beethoven, Ludwig van – Andante in C minor WoO 43a
Beethoven, Ludwig van – Fur Elise
Beethoven, Ludwig van – Minuet in G
Beethoven, Ludwig van – Moderato from Sonatina in G
Beethoven, Ludwig van – Romance in F Major
Beethoven, Ludwig van – Sechs variierte Themen Op. 105
Beethoven, Ludwig van – Serenade in D Major Op. 41
Beethoven, Ludwig van – Turkish March
Beethoven, Ludwig van – Tyrolean Air from Theme and Variations Op. 107
Bellini, Vincenzo – Vien Diletto (from I Puritani)
Bennell, Raymond – Two Short Pieces
Bennett, Richard Rodney – Summer Music
Bennett, Richard Rodney – Winter Music
Benson, Clifford – A Song for Wibb
Bergmann, Walter – Prelude
Berkeley, Lennox – Prelude No. 6 from Six Preludes Op. 23
Berlioz, Hector – Reverie et Caprice Op. 8
Berlioz, Hector – Villanelle from Les Nuits d'Ete
Beydts, Louis – Tender Regrets
Bizet, Georges – Entr’acte/Intermezzo from Carmen
Bizet, Georges – Habanera
Bizet, Georges – Minuet from L’Arlesienne Suite No. 2
Bizet, Georges – Zwischenspiel
Bjornsson, Arni – Four Icelandic Folk Songs
Blackburn, Michael – Song Sweet Antonio's Lunchbox Volume 1
Bloch, Ernest – Suite Modale
Bloch, Ernest – Two Last Poems (Maybe...)
Blodek, V. – Andante Cantabile
Boehm, Theobald – Air Suisse Op. 20
Boehm, Theobald – Air Varie de La Molinara Nel cor piu non mi sento
Boehm, Theobald – Divertissement Op. 11
Boehm, Theobald – Elegie in Ab Major Op. 47
Boehm, Theobald – Etude-Landler Op. 26 No. 19
Boehm, Theobald – Fantaisie sur un air de Schubert
Boehm, Theobald – Grand Polonaise in D Major Op. 16
Boehm, Theobald – Souvenir des Alps Op. 27 No. 1
Boehm, Theobald – Souvenir des Alps Op. 28 No. 2
Boehm, Theobald – Souvenir des Alps Op. 29 No. 3
Boehm, Theobald – Souvenir des Alps Op. 30 No. 4
Boehm, Theobald – Souvenir des Alps Op. 31 No. 5
Boehm, Theobald – Souvenir des Alps Op. 32 No. 6
Boehm, Theobald – Variations Brillantes sur un Air Suisse Op. 20
Boehm, Theobald – Variations on a German Air Op. 22
Bohm, Carl – Calm as the Night (Still wie die Nacht)
Bohm, Georg – Rigaudon
Boisdeffre, Rene de – Canzonetta Op. 39 No. 8
Boisdeffre, Rene de – Trois Pieces
Bononcini, G. – Six Pieces from a Divertimento
Bordier, Jules – Berceuse
Borne, Francois – Fantaisie brillante sur Carmen
Borne, Francois – Fantaisie brillante sur L'Africaine
Borodin – Nocturne from String Quartet No. 2
Boulanger, Lili – D'un matin de printemps
Bournonville, Armand – Nocturne
Bowen, York – Miniature Suite
Boyce, William – Heart of Oak
Boyd, Anne – Bali Moods No. 1
Boyd, Anne – Goldfish Through Summer Rain
Bozza, Eugene – Agrestide
Bozza, Eugene – Air de Vielle
Bozza, Eugene – Cinq Chansons sur des Themes Japonais
Bozza, Eugene – Quatre Pieces Faciles
Braga, Gaetano – Angel's Serenade
Brahms, Johannes – Cradle Song
Brahms, Johannes – Hungarian Dance No. 5
Brahms, Johannes – Waltz
Brennan, Paul and Kieran – The Theme from Harry’s Game
Brepsant, Edouard – Variations on "A Swiss Air"
Briccialdi, Giulio – Adagio and Allegro Vivace (from Il Vento)
Briccialdi, Giulio – Aida Fantasia drammatica Op. 134
Briccialdi, Giulio – Andante et Valse de Concert Op. 116
Briccialdi, Giulio – Concertino No. 2 in G Major Op. 48
Briccialdi, Giulio – Don Carlos Fantasia Op. 121
Briccialdi, Giulio – Fantasia su "La Figlia del Reggimento" del M Donizetti Op. 27
Briccialdi, Giulio – Il Carnevale di Venezia Op. 78
Briccialdi, Giulio – Il giardinetto di Perugia Op. 135
Briccialdi, Giulio – Il Trovatore Fantasia
Briccialdi, Giulio – Introduction and Variations on the Air God Save the Queen Op. 51
Briccialdi, Giulio – La Traviata Libera trascrizione
Briccialdi, Giulio – Macbeth Fantasia Op. 47
Briccialdi, Giulio – Rigoletto-Fantasie Op. 106
Britten, Benjamin – Fishing Song from Friday Afternoons Op. 7
Brun, Georges – Romance Op. 41
Bullard, Alan – Duologues
Burgmuller, Frederic – 3 Nocturnes
Bush, Alan – Three African Sketches Op. 55
Busoni – Albumblatt
Busser, Henri – Les Cygnes
Busser, Henri – Les Ecureuils
Busser, Henri – Prelude et Scherzo Op. 35
Byrne, Andrew – Three Bagatelles
Caix d’Hervelois, Louis de – Musette
Caliendo, Christopher – Caliente (Hot)
Caliendo, Christopher – Tristeza (Sadness)
Calvert, Robert Bryan – A Suite for Bry
Camus, Pierre – Chanson et Badinerie
Caplet, Andre – Reverie et Petite Valse
Cardy, Patrick – Sparkle
Carles, Marc – Vieille Chanson
Carr, Paul – Three Bagatelles
Carse, Adam – Pipe Tune
Carse, Adam – Romance Op. 41
Casadesus, Robert – Fantaisie Op. 59
Casella, Alfredo – Sicilienne et Burlesque
Catherine, Alphonse – Barcarolle
Catherine, Alphonse – Serenade Melancolique
Cathrine, Terry – Ballad
Cecconi, M. – Bucolique
Cervetto, Giacobbe – Eight Solos
Chabrier, Emmanuel – Espana
Cherubini, Luigi – Water Carrier
Chiara, Vincenzo Di – La Spagnola
Chopin, Frederick – 6 Etudes
Chopin, Frederick – Grande Valse brillante Op. 18
Chopin, Frederick – Minute Waltz Op. 64 No. 1 in Db Major
Chopin, Frederick – Nocturne Op. 15, No. 2
Chopin, Frederick – Nocturne in C# minor Op. posth.
Chopin, Frederick – Nocturnes
Chopin, Frederick – Variations on a theme by Rossini
Chopin, Frederick – Valse brillante Op. 34 No. 1
Chopin, Frederick – Valse brillante Op. 34 No. 2
Chopin, Frederick – Valse brillante Op. 34 No. 3
Chopin, Frederick – Waltz Op. 42
Chopin, Frederick – Waltz Op. 64 No. 2
Chretien, Hedwige – Vision
Ciardi, Cesar – Le Carnaval russe
Clarke, Ian – Deep Blue
Clarke, Ian – Hatching Aliens
Clarke, Ian – Hypnosis
Clarke, Ian – The Mad Hatter
Clarke, Ian – Orange Dawn
Clarke, Ian – Spiral Lament
Clarke, Ian – Sunstreams and Sunday Morning
Clarke, Ian – Touching the Ether
Classens, Henri – Fantaisie
Cliff, Tony – Travels with my Flute
Clinton, J. – Three Gavatinas “Sans Paroles”
Cochran, Mary Lee – Ragtime Women
Cole, Hugo – Capriccio
Confrey, Zez – Dizzy Fingers
Constant, Franz – Evocation
Copland, Aaron – Duo
Copland, Aaron – Vocalise
Corelli, Arcangelo – Gigue
Corigliano, John – Pied Piper Fantasy
Corrette, Michel – Allegro
Cortese, Luigi – Introduzione e Allegro Op. 40
Coste, Napoleon – Cavatine Op. 37
Coulter, Phil – An Cailin Fionn (Natasha)
Coulter, Phil – Appalachian Round-Up
Coulter, Phil – The Battle of Kinsale (The Valley of Tears)
Coulter, Phil – The Belfast Polka / Pennsylvania Railroad
Coulter, Phil – Christmas Eve, Ellis Island
Coulter, Phil – Farewell to County Antrim
Coulter, Phil – The Gartan Mother’s Lullabye
Coulter, Phil – Grand Banks Newfoundland
Coulter, Phil – Home Away From Home
Coulter, Phil – Hymn for the Heartland
Coulter, Phil – Lament for the Wild Geese
Coulter, Phil – Slieve Gallion Braes / Steal Away
Coulter, Phil – Steal Away
Couperin, F. – No. 1 La Bandoline
Couperin, Francois – Concert Royal No. 4
Couperin, Francois – L’et Coetera ou Menuets
Couperin, Francois – Double du Rossignol
Couperin, Francois – Forlane
Couperin, Francois – Musete de Choisi
Couperin, Francois – Musete de Taverni
Couperin, Francois – Le Rossignol en amour
Couperin, Louis – Menuet
Cowan, Don – Charm Bracelet
Crooke, Sidney – Novelette
Crosse, Gordon – Carol
Cruft, Adrian – Seven Pieces
Cui, Cesar – Orientale (The Kaleidoscope) Op. 50
Czerny, Carl – Duo Concertant Op. 129
Czerny, Carl – Introduktion, Variationen und Finale
Dai, Hongwei – On the Grassland of Inner Mongolia
Damase, Jean-Michel – Rhapsodie
Damase, Jean-Michel – Scherzo
Daus, Avraham – Variations on a Yemenite Theme
Dawes, Charles G. – Melody
Debussy, Claude – 2e Arabesque
Debussy, Claude – Clair de Lune from "Suite Bergamasque"
Debussy, Claude – La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin
Debussy, Claude – La Plus que Lente
Debussy, Claude – Le Petit Negre
Debussy, Claude – Little Shepherd
Debussy, Claude – Pour invoquer Pan, Dieu du Vent d’Ete
Debussy, Claude – Prelude to “The Afternoon of a Faun”
Debussy, Claude – Reverie
Defaye, Jean Michel – Contrastes
Defaye, Jean Michel – Suite Florale
Delibes, Leo – Coppelia
Delibes, Leo – Morceau de Concours
Demersseman, Jules – 1er Solo de Concert
Demersseman, Jules – 2eme Solo de Concert
Demersseman, Jules – 6eme Solo de Concert (Italian Concerto)
Demersseman, Jules – Air Varie 6 petites pieces Op. 2, No. 4
Demersseman, Jules – Fantaisie on a melody by Chopin Op. 29
Demersseman, Jules – Grand Air Varie "Le Tremolo" Op. 3
Demersseman, Jules – Grande Fantaisie de Concert sur "Oberon" de Weber Op. 52
Demersseman, Jules – Hommage a Tulou Op. 43
Demersseman, Jules – Introduktion und Variationen uber "Karneval in Venedig" Op. 7
Demersseman, Jules – Petite Fantaisie Poetique 6 petites pieces Op. 2, No. 6
Demersseman, Jules – Petite Fantaisie sur Le Carnaval De Venise Op. 7
Denley, Ian – Park Avenue Rag
Denver, John – Annie's Song
Denza, Luigi – Funiculi-Funicula
Di Vito-Delvaux, Berthe – Barcarolle et Scherzo Op. 97
Dinicu – Hora Staccato
Dipple, TJ – Variations on "Adeste Fideles"
Dohnanyi, Ernst von – Aria Op. 48 No. 1
Donizetti, Gaetano – Andante Sostenuto
Donjon, Johannes – Adagio Nobile
Donjon, Johannes – Elegie
Donjon, Johannes – Les Feuilles Jaunies
Donjon, Johannes – Offertoire Op. 12
Donjon, Johannes – Pan! Pastorale
Donjon, Johannes – Pipeaux
Donjon, Johannes – Two Short Pieces
Doppler, Francois – Berceuse
Doppler, Franz – Airs Valaques Op. 10
Doppler, Franz – Chanson d'Amour Op. 20
Doppler, Franz – Fantaisie sur un motif de Beethoven
Doppler, Franz – Hungarian Pastoral Fantasy Op. 26
Doppler, Franz – Mazurka de Salon Op. 16
Doppler, Franz – L'oiseau des Bois
Dorlay, Georges – Legende “La Plainte de Paillasse”
Dorlay, Georges – Scherzo Brillante
Dornel, Antoine - Chaconne
Dowland, John – Bonny Sweet Robin
Drigo, Riccardo – Serenade from Les Millions d’Arlequin
Drouet, Louis – Variations on the Air God save the King
Du, Mingxin – The Happy Women Soldiers
Dubois, Pierre Max – La Capricieuse
Dubois, Pierre Max – Novelette
Dubois, Theodore – Tityre from Poemes Virgiliens
Duckworth, Arthur – En Passant and Thistledown
Dufeutrelle, Sophie & Brigitte Le Borgne – Rue Traversiere 1
Dunhill, Thomas F. – Suite Op. 93
Durlet, Emmanuel – The Psalms of the Poplars
Duvernoy, Victor-Alphonse – Deux Morceaux: Lamento Op. 41 No. 1
Duvernoy, Victor-Alphonse – Deux Morceaux: Intermezzo Op. 41 No. 2
Dvorak, Antonin – Humoresque
Dvorak, Antonin – Romance Op. 11
Eckhardt-Gramatte, S.C. – Berceuse
Eisel, Johann Philipp – Divertimento D minor
Elgar, Edward – Bavarian Dance Op. 27 No. 1
Elgar, Edward – Canto popolare
Elgar, Edward – Chanson de Matin Op. 15 No. 2
Elgar, Edward – Chanson de Nuit
Elgar, Edward – Lullaby from The Bavarian Highalnds
Elgar, Edward – Salut d’amour Op. 12
Elgar, Edward – Sursum corda Op. 11
Enesco, Georges – Cantabile et Presto
Faubert, Jacques – Du Fleuve a l'Arctique 1. Jardin de Givre
Faubert, Jacques – Du Fleuve a l'Arctique 2. La Guignolee
Faubert, Jacques – Du Fleuve a l'Arctique 3. Complainte d'Automne
Faubert, Jacques – Du Fleuve a l'Arctique 4. Poudrerie
Faubert, Jacques – Du Fleuve a l'Arctique 5. L'ours Blanc
Faubert, Jacques – Du Fleuve a l'Arctique 6. Soleil de Minuit
Faure, Gabriel – Andantino
Faure, Gabriel – Berceuse Op. 16
Faure, Gabriel – Berceuse No. 1 from Dolly Suite Op. 56
Faure, Gabriel – Cantique de Jean Racine Op. 11
Faure, Gabriel – Fantaisie Op. 79
Faure, Gabriel – Morceau de Concours
Faure, Gabriel – Nell Op. 18 No. 1
Faure, Gabriel – Pavane Op. 50
Faure, Gabriel – Piece
Faure, Gabriel – Romance sans paroles Op. 17 No. 3
Faure, Gabriel – Sicilienne from Pelleas et Melisande
Faure, Gabriel – Sicilienne Op. 78
Faure, Gabriel – Soir
Faure, Gabriel – Song Without Words Op. 17 No. 1
Faure, Gabriel – Song Without Words Op. 17 No. 3
Faure, Gabriel – Tarentelle Op. 10 No. 2
Feld, Jindrich – Fantaisie Concertante
Ferte, Armand – Barcarolle et Presto
Field, John – Fifth Nocturne
Finnish Folk Melody – A Rose there bloomed
Fleming, Robert – Almost Waltz
Flotow, Friedrich von – Ah! So Pure
Flotow, Friedrich von – Martha
Flotow, Friedrich von – The Last Rose of Summer
Foote, Arthur – Trois Pieces
Foss, Lukas – Three American Pieces
Foster, Ivor R. – Two Pieces
Fourdrain, Felix – Ballade
Francaix, Jean – Divertimento
Franck, Philippine – Pastorale Op. 13
Freedman, Harry – Soliloquy
Fritter, Genevieve Davisson – Gavotte from "Snow White"
Fritter, Genevieve Davisson – Munchkins from "Adventures in Oz"
Fritter, Genevieve Davisson – Tinker Bell from "Peter Pan"
Fukushima, Kazuo – Three Pieces from “Chu-u”
Fulton, Norman – Scottish Suite
Gade, Jacob – Tango Jalousie (Jealousy)
Gade, Jacob and Toke Lund Christiansen – Tango Fantasia
Gagnebin, Henri – March of the Jolly Fellows
Gallagher, Frank – Winter’s Crossing
Gallois Montbrun, Raymond – Divertissement
Gallois Montbrun, Raymond – Valse-Caprice
Ganne, Louis – Andante et Scherzo
Gao, Yansheng – Scherzo
Gardiner, Mary – Soulmates
Garson, Mike – Ballads of Love
Gaubert, Philippe – Berceuse
Gaubert, Philippe – Fantaisie
Gaubert, Philippe – Madrigal
Gaubert, Philippe – Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando
Gaubert, Philippe – Romance
Gaubert, Philippe – Sicilienne
Gaubert, Philippe – Sur L’Eau
Geminiani, Francesco – Three solos containing twelve easy movements
Genin, PA – Air Napolitain
Genin, PA – Carnaval de Venise
Genin, PA – Fantaisie sur La Traviata Op. 18
German, Edward – Romance & Intermezzo
German, Edward – Suite
Gershwin, George – ‘S Wonderful
Gershwin, George – Embraceable You
Gershwin, George – Fascinating Rhythm
Gershwin, George – It Ain’t Necessarily So
Gershwin, George – Prelude No. 2
Gershwin, George – Summertime
Ghandar, Ann – Birds in Light Rain
Ghandar, Ann – Iridescences
Gianopoulos, George N. – Suite Op. 19
Gibbs, C. Armstrong – Suite in A
Gieseking, Walter – Variations on a theme by Edvard Grieg
Glinka, M. – The Skylark
Gluck, Christoph Willibald – Iphigenie in Tauris
Gluck, Christoph Willibald – Minuet and Dance of The Blessed Spirits from Orpheus
Godard, Benjamin – Berceuse de Jocelyn
Godard, Benjamin – Legende Pastorale Op. 138
Godard, Benjamin – Suite de Trois Morceaux Op. 116
Goehr, Alexander – Variations Op. 8
Goltermann, Georg – Nocturne Op. 54 No. 1
Goossens, Eugene – Scherzo Fantasque
Goossens, Eugene – Three Pictures
Gossec, Francois-Joseph – Gavotte
Gossec, Francois-Joseph – Tambourin
Gounod, Charles – Entree des jeunes Nubiennes from Faust
Gounod, Charles – Meditation sur le 1er Prelude de Bach
Graeff, Johann Georg – Six Solos Op. 5
Graener, Paul – Suite Op. 63
Greenbaum, Matthew – Dance Moments
Gregory, Alfred – Fantasia on "Maritana"
Gretchaninoff, A. – Brimborions Op. 138
Gretry, Andre Ernest Modeste – Passpied
Grieg, Edvard – Au Printemps
Grieg, Edvard – Cattle Call Op. 17 No. 20
Grier, Jon – 2 Floot Loops
Griffes, Charles T. – Poem
Griffith, Frederic – Fantasia on Edward German’s Savoy Opera “Merry England”
Guinot, Georges-Leonce – Six croquis pour l'oiseau
Guiraud, Georges – Legende et Danse Slaves
Guiraud, Georges – Reverie Tendre
Guiraud, Georges – Scherzetto-Valse
Haan, Stefan de – Four Pieces
Hahn, Reynaldo – Deux Pieces I. Danse pour une deesse
Hahn, Reynaldo – Deux Pieces II. L’Enchanteur
Hahn, Reynaldo – Variations sur un theme de Mozart
Hamilton, Iain – Spring Days
Handel, George Frederic – Air HWV 425
Handel, George Frederic – Arrival of The Queen of Sheba
Handel, George Frederic – Bourree
Handel, George Frederic – Largo from Xerxes
Handel, George Frederic – Menuett
Handel, George Frederic – Petite Marche
Hanson, Howard – Serenade
Harris, Paul – Caramel Carousel
Harris, Paul – Dark Chocolate Truffle Trot
Harris, Paul – Fudge Fandango
Harris, Paul – Hazelnote Crunch
Harris, Paul – Maple Nut Rag
Harris, Paul – Minty Minuet
Harris, Paul – Mocha Baroqua
Harris, Paul – Strawberry Sarabande
Harris, Paul – Toffee Tango
Harris, Paul – Viennese Vanilla Valse
Hartmann, J.P.E. – Prelude
Harty, Hamilton – In Ireland
Harvey, Jonathan – Nataraja
Hasse – Tambourin
Hasselmans, Alphonse – Guitare Piece Characteristique
Hauser, Miska – Cradle Song
Haydn, Franz Joseph – Adagio in G Hob. I 24/2
Haydn, Franz Joseph – Serenade (Andante Cantabile from String Quartet No. 8)
Haydn, Franz Joseph – Trio No. 4
He, Lu-ting – Berceuse
He, Lu-ting – Meditation a.k.a. Thinking Quietly
He, Lu-ting – Shepherd Boy Piccolo
Head, Michael – By the River in Spring
Heath, Dave – Out of the Cool
Hedges, Anthony – Elegy Op. 142
Hedges, Anthony – Father Time-Chronos from Masquerade
Hendrie, Gerald – Three Pieces
Hennebains, Adolphe – Reverie-Caprice
Henschel, Georges – Theme et Variations Op. 73
Herbert, Victor – Serenade Op. 3
Hetu, Jacques – 4 pieces
Hetu, Jacques – Aria
Hill, Mirrie – The Dancing Fawn
Hindemith, Paul – Echo
Hisaishi, Joe – Always With Me from Spirited Away
Hisaishi, Joe – Flute Studio Ghibli
Hisaishi, Joe – Flute Studio Ghibli "from Nausicaa to Marnie"
Hisaishi, Joe – Merry-Go-Round of Life
Hisaishi, Joe – One Summer's Day
Hisaishi, Joe – Studio Ghibli Animation Best Songs
Hisaishi, Joe – Waltz of Chihiro
Holm, Albert – Fantaisie et Variations Op. 4
Holm, Albert – Morceau de Concert Op. 5
Holub – Forgotten Serenade
Homegger, Arthur – Romance
Hook, James – The Lass of Richmond Hill
Hoover, Katherine – Medieval Suite
Hopkins, Anthony – Flirtatious Fancy
Hopkins, Anthony – Sensuous Sarabande
Hopkins, Anthony – Wanton Waltz
Horak, Eduard – Scherzino from Kinder-Klavierschule
Hotteterre, Jacques-Martin – Suites Op. 2
Huang, Huwei – The Bright Sun Shines over the Tianshan Mountains
Huang, Lue – The Spring of Grassland
Hubeau, Jean – Idylle
Hubicki, Margaret – From the Isles of the Sea
Hue, Georges – Fantaisie
Hue, Georges – Nocturne
Hue, Georges – Petite Piece
Hue, Georges – Serenade
Hummel, Johann Nepomuk – Grand Rondeau Brillant Op. 126
Humperdinck, Engelbert – Brother, come and dance with me from Hansel und Gretel
Hurnik, Ilja – Le Petit Faune
Hyde, Miriam – Dancing Shadows
Hyde, Miriam – Nocturne
Hyde, Miriam – Sea Shell Fantasy
Ibert, Jacques – Aria
Ibert, Jacques – Histoires
Ibert, Jacques – Jeux
Isaacson, Michael – Slowly Falling Leaves
Isaacson, Michael – Wintersong
Ives, Charles – Three Songs
Jacob, Gordon – On a Summer Evening
Jeffes, Simon – Music for a Found Harmonium
Jensen, P. – Trois Phantasies Op. 5
Jiangnan Folk Song – Touring Gusu
Jin, Fuzai – The Spring in Pamirs
Jolivet, Andre – Chant de Linos
Jolivet, Andre – Fantaisie-Caprice
Jones, Edward Huws – Abracadabra
Jones, Edward Huws – Now you see me, now you don’t
Jones, Edward Huws – Open Sesame!
Jones, Edward Huws – Spellbound
Jones, Edward Huws – Tricks & Glitz
Joplin, Scott – The Chrysanthenum
Joplin, Scott – Elite Syncopations
Joplin, Scott – The Entertainer
Joplin, Scott – The Favorite
Joplin, Scott – Original Rags
Joplin, Scott – The Ragtime Dance
Kabalevsky, Dmitri – Prelude Op. 61 No. 1
Kai, Noahiko – Andante
Karg-Elert, Sigfrid – Impressions exotiques Op. 134
Karg-Elert, Sigfrid – Suite Pointillistique Op. 135
Keller, Ginette – Chant de Parthenope
Kelly, F.S. – Jig from “Serenade”
Kelterborn, Rudolf – Sevenminute-Play
Kenins, Talivaldis – Concertante
Kennan, Kent – Night Soliloquy
Kessick, Marlaena – Scene di Campagna
Khachaturian, Aram – Three Pieces
Kleyn, Howard – La Flauta Espanol
Koechlin, Charles – 14 Pieces
Koechlin, Charles – L’Album de Lilian Deuxieme Serie Op. 149
Koepke, Paul – Bergamask
Kohler, Ernesto – Future Dream Op. 79
Kohler, Ernesto – Schwalbenflug Op. 72
Kohler, Ernesto – Snowflakes Op. 82 No. 4
Kohler, Ernesto – Shepherd Idyl
Kohler, Ernesto – The Swallows' Flight Op. 72
Kohler, Joseph Veceslao – Grande Fantasia Reminiscenze sull'opera Lucia di Lammermoor di G. Donizetti Op. 1
Konowalski, Benedykt – Wampum
Krantz, A. – Barcarolle
Kreisler – Schon Rosmarin
Krenek, Ernst – Suite
Kuhlau, Friedrich – Andante and Polacca in F Major Op. 109
Kuhlau, Friedrich – Grand Duo Op. 33
Kuhlau, Friedrich – Grand Duo Op. 69
Kuhlau, Friedrich – Introduction et rondo sur le colporteur d'Onslow
Kuhlau, Friedrich – Six Divertissements Op. 68
Kuhlau, Friedrich – Three Grand Solos Op. 57 No. 1-3
Kuhlau, Friedrich – Variations sur un air favori irlandais Tis the last rose of summer Op. 105
Kunzen, F. L. – Ouverture de l'Opera Das Fest der Winzer
La Barre, Michel de – Prelude
Lalo, Edouard – "Namouna" Ballet en 2 actes
Lancen, Serge – Printanieres
Lauber, Anne – Mouvement
Leclair, Jean-Marie – Gigue
Leclair, Jean-Marie – Vivace
Ledeuil, Eric – Hip, hop vacances!
Lee, Bo Luen – Miniature
Lefebvre, Charles-Edouard – Scherzo Op. 72 No. 2
Lehar, Franz – Ungarische Fantasie Magyar abrand Op. 45
Lehar, Franz – Vilia from The Merry Widow
Leighton, Kenneth – Serenade in C Major Op. 19a
Leroux, Xavier – Premiere Romance
Leroux, Xavier – Deuxieme Romance
Liao, Shengjing – The Shepherd of Grassland
Liebermann, Lowell – Five Pieces from Album for the Young
Lindpainter, Peter Joseph von – Tremolo air varie sur un theme de Beethoven
Liu, Hongbing – The Scenery of Northern China
Lloyd Webber, William – Country Impressions
Lloyd Webber, William – The Gardens at Eastwell
Louke, Phyllis Avidan – Extended Techniques Solos for Fun!
Lu, Yan – Duo
Luo, Xiaomin – Village Bamboo Flute
Lutoslawski, Witold – Zalotny (Kitten-like) from Popular Melodies
Luzuriaga, Diego – La Muchica
Lyadov, Anatoly – Prelude
Lyell, Margaret – Barcarollina
Lyon, David – Three Miniatures
Ma, Siyun – Cherishing a Memory
Machajdik, Peter – Senahh
Maconchy, Elizabeth – Colloquy
Magalif, Eugene – Colibri (Hummingbird)
Magalif, Eugene – Serenity
Mahler, Gustav – Songs of a Wayfarer Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen
Mancini, Henry – Baby Elephant Walk
Mancini, Henry – Breakfast at Tiffany's
Mancini, Henry – Cameo for Flute "...for James."
Mancini, Henry – Crazy World (from "Victor/Victoria")
Mancini, Henry – Medley: Three by Mancini and Mercer (Days of Wine and Roses, Charade, Moon River)
Mancini, Henry – Meggie's Theme (from "The Thorn Birds")
Mancini, Henry – Pennywhistle Jig (from "The Molly Maguires")
Mancini, Henry – Pie in the Face Polka (from "The Great Race")
Mancini, Henry – The Pink Panther
Mancini, Henry – Speedy Gonzalez
Mancini, Henry – Theme from "The Molly Maguires"
Mancini, Henry – The Thorn Birds Theme
Mancini, Henry – Two for the Road
Marais, Marin – Le Basque
Martelli, Henri – Cinq Etudes-Caprice
Martelli, Henri – Fantaisiestuck
Martin, Frank – Ballade
Martini, Giovanni Battista – Gavotte
Martini, Giovanni Battista – Pleasures of Love
Martinu, Bohuslav – Scherzo (Divertimento)
Massenet, Jules – Meditation de Thais
Mayer, I. – Six airs choisis varies Op. 2
McCabe, John – Portraits
McDowall, Cecilia – Eleven
McMichael, Catherine – Baikal Journey Part 1
McMichael, Catherine – Baikal Journey Part 2
Medefind, Edmund – A Child's Dream (Romanze)
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix – Fruhlingslied
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix – On Wings of Song
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix – Rondo Capriccioso Op. 14
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix – Scherzo
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix – Shepherd’s Song
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix – Spring Songs
Merlet, Michel – En Tous Sens…
Messiaen, Olivier – Le Merle Noir
Metzger, Johann Georg – Six Solos Op. 6
Meunier, Gerard – Berceuse pour Vincent
Meyer, Jean – Pastel
Miyagi, Michio – Haru No Umi The Sea in Spring
Mohler, Philipp – Capriccio
Molique, W. Bernhard – Barcarolle et Tarantella Op. 70 No. 2
Molique, W. Bernhard – Introduktion, Andante und Polonaise Op. 43
Monteverdi, Claudio – Kyrie Eleison
Monti, Vittorio – Czardas
Moreau, Leon – Dans la Foret Enchantee
Morlacchi, P. – Il pastore svizzero
Moszkowski, Moritz – Spanish Dances
Mouquet, Jules – 5 pieces breves
Mouquet, Jules – Pan and the Birds
Mouret, Jean-Joseph – Rondeau
Mower, Mike – Deviations on The Carnival of Venice
Mower, Mike – Doodle & Flight
Mower, Mike – Landscapes
Mower, Mike – Opus di Jazz
Moyse, Louis – Trois Hommages
Moyse, Louis – Trois Pieces Faciles 2. Sarabande
Moyse, Louis – Trois Pieces Faciles 3. Menuets
Moyse, Louis – Variations on Three Japanese Songs
Mozart, Franz Xaver – Rondo in E minor
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Adagio and Rondo from Cosi Fan Tutte
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Allegretto K 33b
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Andante and Rondo in G major, K. 250 from the Haffner Serenade
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Andante from The Magic Flute
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Andante in C Major, K 315 (285e)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Canzonetta from Don Giovanni
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Little Freddy’s Birthday K 529
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Quartet K 285, 285b, 298
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Rondo Alla Turca from Piano Sonata K 331
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Rondo in D Major, K Anh 184
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Turkish March
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Variation VI from Serenade K 361
Mussorgsky, Modeste – Ein Kinderscherz
Naudot, Jean-Jacques – Vivace
Nichols, Kenneth – Karen's Waltz
Nicholson, Charles – Au Clair de La Lune
Nicholson, Charles – Gramachree Irish Air
Nicholson, Charles – O Dolce Concerto with Variations
Nicholson, Charles – Variations on "A Sicilian Air"
Nicholson, Charles – Variations on "Auld Lang Syne"
Nicholson, Charles – Variations on "Home Sweet Home"
Nicholson, Charles – Variations on "The Last Rose of Summer"
Nielsen, Carl – Fantasy Pieces Op. 2
Nielsen, Carl – The Fog is Lifting
Nigg, Serge – Piece
Nishimura, Judy – The Magic Flute (in 5 minutes)
Nishimura, Judy – The Nutcracker (in 5 minutes)
Noakes, Tony – Heatwave
Noble, Harold – Le Petit Rouet
Norgard, Per – Andantino – Pastorale
Offenbach, Jacques – Barcarolle
O'Carolan, Turlough – Dermot O'Dowd
O’Riada, Sean – Women of Ireland
Osborne and Tulou – Duo Brillant sur Un Theme Original Op. 25
Ouspenski, Vladislav – Recitatif et Dialogue
Pachelbel, Johann – Pachelbel Canon
Paganini, Nicolo – Moto Perpetuo Op. 11
Paggi, Giovanni – Il Gondoliero
Paggi, Giovanni – Rimembranze Napoletane
Palau, Manuel – Dolcainers
Paradis, Maria Theresia von – Sicilienne
Parker, Jim – English Towns
Parry, Charles Hubert Hastings – Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
Part, Arvo – Spiegel im Spiegel
Pascal, Claude – Six Pieces Variees
Pasfield, W.R. – Skyscapes
Peace, James – The Waterfall Op. 3
Pelliscu – Romanian Pastoral
Penville, Edith – Bluette
Pepusch, Johann Christoph – A second set of solos
Perilhou, A. – Ballade
Pessard, Emile – Andalouse Op. 20
Pessard, Emile – Troisieme Piece Op. 28
Pessard, Emile – Quatrieme Piece Op. 75
Petit, Pierre – Petite Suite
Pettigrew, Laura – Springtime
Pettigrew, Laura – Tulips and Daisies
Pettway, Keith – Mockingbird Variations
Petzold, Christian – Menuet in G
Philidor, Francois – L’Italienne
Piazzolla, Astor – Aire de la Zamba Nina
Piazzolla, Astor – Artisane 1 (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Piazzolla, Astor – Artisane 2 (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Piazzolla, Astor – Ausencias
Piazzolla, Astor – Chanson de la naissance (from Famille d’artistes)
Piazzolla, Astor – Dansée (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Piazzolla, Astor – Duo 1
Piazzolla, Astor – Duo 2
Piazzolla, Astor – Duo I (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Piazzolla, Astor – El viaje (The journey)
Piazzolla, Astor – Histoire du Tango
Piazzolla, Astor – La chanson du Popo (from Famille d’artistes)
Piazzolla, Astor – La mort du canard (from Famille d’artistes)
Piazzolla, Astor – La muerte del Angel
Piazzolla, Astor – Le Grand Tango
Piazzolla, Astor – Los suenõs (Dreams)
Piazzolla, Astor – Milonga (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Piazzolla, Astor – Milonga en re
Piazzolla, Astor – Milonga for three
Piazzolla, Astor – Milonga picaresque
Piazzolla, Astor – Mumuki
Piazzolla, Astor – Novitango
Piazzolla, Astor – Oblivion
Piazzolla, Astor – Ouverture (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Piazzolla, Astor – Ouverture (from Famille d’artistes)
Piazzolla, Astor – Pedro y Pedro
Piazzolla, Astor – Preludio No. 1
Piazzolla, Astor – Puck arrabal (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Piazzolla, Astor – Sensuel (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Piazzolla, Astor – Sentimental (from Famille d’artistes)
Piazzolla, Astor – Sin rumbo
Piazzolla, Astor – Street tango
Piazzolla, Astor – Tango en La
Piazzolla, Astor – Tango Etudes
Piazzolla, Astor – Tango final (from Famille d’artistes)
Piazzolla, Astor – Tres Piezas Breves Op. 4
Piazzolla, Astor – Vuelvo al sur (Return to the south)
Pierne, Gabriel – Serenade Op. 7
Pilling, Dorothy – Four Simple Pieces and Two Trios
Piltch, Susan – Labyrinth
Pixis, Johann Peter – Romance
Planquette, Robert – Chimes of Normandy
Popp, Wilhelm – Der Rattenfanger von Hameln Op. 330 and Brillante Concert-Fantasie Op. 394
Popp, Wilhelm – Fantaisie Brillante Op. 190
Popp, Wilhelm – Fantasy and Variations on an American Air
Popp, Wilhelm – Faust Fantasie nach der Oper "Faust" von Ch. Gounod Op. 189
Popp, Wilhelm – Goodnight, my Lovely Child Op. 198
Popp, Wilhelm – Hungarian Dance
Popp, Wilhelm – Polonaise Op. 219 No. 3
Popp, Wilhelm – Russisches Zigeunerlied Op. 462 No. 2
Popp, Wilhelm – Speed the Plough (from Sweet Home)
Popp, Wilhelm – Valse Gracieuse Op. 261 No. 2
Popp, Wilhelm – Variations on "Home Sweet Home"
Praetorius, Michael – Dances from Terpsichore
Pratt, Alfred – Danse Bacchanale
Prokofiev, Sergei – Gavotte Op. 2 No. 2
Prokofiev, Sergei – Seven Pieces from Romeo and Juliet
Puccini, Giacomo – Are they gone now? from La Boheme
Purcell, Henry – Air and Hornpipe
Purcell, Henry – Rigaudon
Purcell, Henry – Two Pieces
Purcell, Henry – With drooping wings from Dido and Aeneas
Pye, Kellow J. – Three Melodies
Quantz, Johann Joachim – Arioso
Rabboni, Giuseppe – Romance No. 1 Op. 18
Rachmaninoff, Serge – Elegie Op. 3 No. 1
Rachmaninoff, Serge – Vocalise Op. 34 No. 14
Raff, J. – Canzona
Rameau, Jean-Philippe – Air Tendre pour les Muses
Rameau, Jean-Philippe – L'Egyptienne
Rameau, Jean-Philippe – Menuet en rondeau
Rameau, Jean-Philippe – Orage
Rameau, Jean-Philippe – Rondeau
Rameau, Jean-Philippe – Sarabande
Rameau, Jean-Philippe – Tambourin from Pieces de clavecin
Raminsh, Imant – Butterflies (Papillons)
Ravel, Maurice – 5 Easy Pieces
Ravel, Maurice – Piece en frome de Habanera
Ravel, Maurice – Prelude
Ravel, Maurice – Sonatine
Reger, Max – Romance
Reichert, Mathieu Andre – La Coquette Polka de Salon (a faceira) Op. 4
Reichert, Mathieu Andre – Fantaisie Melancolique Op. 1
Reichert, Mathieu Andre – L’Illusion Introduction et Variations sur une Havanaise Op. 7
Reichert, Mathieu Andre – La Sensitive Petite Polka de Concert Op. 8
Reichert, Mathieu Andre – Tarentelle Etude de Salon Op. 3
Reinards, William – Marche detachee des Deux avares variee
Reinecke, Carl – Ballade Op. 288
Reinecke, Carl – From the Cradle to the Grave Op. 202 Volume 1
Reinecke, Carl – Gavotte from Five Serenades for the Young
Reinl, Franz – Menuett und moderner Tanz
Remusat, J. and A. Leduc – La Cenerentola Fantaisie elegante sur un theme de Rossini
Respighi, Ottorino – Four Pieces (Berceuse, Melodia, Aria, Valse Caressante)
Reutter, Hermann – Rondeau
Revell, Roland – Caprice
Revell, Roland – Suite of Four Miniatures Part I
Revell, Roland – Trois Pensees Op. 23
Rheinberger, Josef – Rhapsodie H-dur
Ries, Franz – La Capricciosa
Rieunier, Jean-Paul – Dialogue
Rimsky-Korsakoff, Nikolai – Flight of the Bumble Bee from The Tale of Tzar Saltan
Rimsky-Korsakoff, Nikolai – Scheherazade
Rimsky-Korsakoff, Nikolai – Song of India
Robinson, Stanford – The Moon Maiden’s Dance
Rodriguez de Ledesma, Mariano – Piezas de Musica IV
Roe, Betty – Thames Echoes
Rootham, Cyril Bradley – Suite in Three Movements
Rorem, Ned – Mountain Song
Rose, Michael – A Miscellany for Flute (Twenty-two short pieces)
Rougnon, Paul – Fantaisie de Concert
Roussel, Albert – Andante et Scherzo
Roussel, Albert – Aria
Roussel, Albert – Joueurs de flute Pan Op. 27, No. 1
Roussel, Albert – Joueurs de flute Tityre Op. 27, No. 2
Roussel, Albert – Joueurs de flute Krishna Op. 27, No. 3
Roussel, Albert – Joueurs de flute Mr de la Pejaudie Op. 27, No. 4
Royer, Ronald – Short Stories
Rozman, Anze – Phoenix
Rubinstein, Anton – Melody in F
Russell, Leslie – Suite One
Rutter, John – Suite Antique
Sabathil, Ferdinand – Faun im Schilf
Sabathil, Ferdinand – Impromptu
Sabathil, Ferdinand – Scherzo Capriccio Op. 250
Sabathil, Ferdinand – Two Pieces
Saint-Saens, Camille – Adagio and Variation from the Ballet music to Ascanio
Saint-Saens, Camille – Airs de Ballet d'Ascanio
Saint-Saens, Camille – Aquarium from The Carnivalof the Animals
Saint-Saens, Camille – Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso Op. 28
Saint-Saens, Camille – Odelette Op. 162
Saint-Saens, Camille – Pavane
Saint-Saens, Camille – Romance Op. 37
Saint-Saens, Camille – The Swan “Le Cygne” from Carnival of the Animals
Saint-Saens, Camille – Voliere
Saint-Saens, Camille – The Waters Op. 45
Sammartini, Guiseppe – Allegro
Sarasate, Pablo de – Zigeunerweisen Op. 20, No. 1
Sary, Laszlo Pezzo concertato
Satie, Erik – Airs a faire fuir No. 2 from Pieces Froides I
Satie, Erik – Café Music
Satie, Erik – Fanfaronnade from Cinq Grimaces
Satie, Erik – Gnossienne No. 1 from Trois Gnossiennes
Satie, Erik – Le Piccadilly Marche
Satie, Erik – Pour Sortir from Cinq Grimaces
Satie, Erik – Preambule from Cinq Grimaces
Satie, Erik – Trois Gymnopedies
Saxton, Robert – Krystallen
Scarlatti, Benjamin – Suite
Scarlatti, Domenico – Bourree
Schickele, Peter – Spring Serenade
Schmitt, Joseph – Air varie
Schocker, Gary – Blue Bossa, Red Bossa
Schocker, Gary – Conversations
Schocker, Gary – Figments
Schocker, Gary – For Dad
Schocker, Gary – Hannah's Glade
Schocker, Gary – Healing Music (after J.S. Bach)
Schocker, Gary – Jazzbird!
Schocker, Gary – Little Flower
Schocker, Gary – Three Mystery Pieces
Schocker, Gary – Winter Jasmine
Schocker, Gary – Xynoglyko
Schubert, Francois – L'Abeille
Schubert, Franz – Ave Maria
Schubert, Franz – Impromptu Op. 90 No. 3
Schubert, Franz – Introduktion und Variationen uber "Ihr Blumlein alle" Op. 160
Schubert, Franz – Marche Militaire D 733
Schubert, Franz – Musical Moment from 6 Moments musicaux
Schubert, Franz – Sechs Lieder fur Flote und Klavier Arrangiert von Theobald Bohm
Schubert, Franz – Selected Dances
Schubert, Franz – Sentimental Waltz No. 5 from D 779
Schubert, Franz – Serenade
Schubert, Franz – Theme and Variations D. 935 No. 3
Schubert, Franz – Waltz No. 16 from D. 146
Schudel, Thomas – Chanson and Minuet
Schumann, Robert – 3 Romances
Schumann, Robert – Concert au Salon
Schumann, Robert – Soldiers' March from Album for the Young
Schumann, Robert – Traumerei from Scenes From Childhood “Kinderscenen”
Schwantner, Joseph – Black Anemones
Scott, Austin Alan – Yuletide Scherzo
Scott, Cyril – Rural Intermezzo
Seghers, Frederic – Souvenir de Gand
Seiber, Matyas – Novelty Foxtrot from Dance Suite
Seiber, Matyas – Pastorale and Burlesque
Semler-Collery, J. – Pastorale et Caprice
Seter, Mordecai – Intimo
Shanxi Folk Song – Harvest in Autumn
Shanxi Folk Song – The Poplars and Willows are Green
Sharman, Rodney – Slow Waltz
Shiba, Sukehisa – Fantasie No. 1 Op. 13 Doukeshi
Shiba, Sukehisa – Fantasie No. 2 Op. 24 Kyozou
Shiba, Sukehisa – Fantasie No. 3 Op. 31 Haniwa
Shiba, Sukehisa – Fantasie-Nocturne Op. 43 Higure
Shiba, Sukehisa – Concert-Paraphrase Op. 51 No. 1 Koumori
Shostakovich, Dmitri – Four Waltzes
Shostakovich, Dmitri – Hurdy-Gurdy from Dances of the Dolls
Sibelius, Jean – The Peace of Evening from Pelleas et Melisande
Sibelius, Jean – Solo from “Scaramouche” Op. 71
Sichler, Jean – L'Oiseau Soleil
Sichler, Jean – Un Oiseau en Mai
Silcher, Friedrich – Variations on "Nel cor piu non mi sento"
Simeonov, Blago – Scherzino
Sinisalo, Helmer-Rayner – 3 Miniature
Smalley, Roger – Movement
Smetana, Bedrich – From My Home (Z domoviny)
Smetana, Bedrich – Vltava from Ma Vlast
Soares Netto, Calimerio A. – Tres Serenatas
Sorrentino, Vincenzo – Mask
Stainer, Charles – Etude in D minor Op. 26
Stainer, Charles – Melodie
Stanley, John – Eight Solos Opera Prima
Stanley, John – Six Solos Opera Quatro
Stanley, John – Solo in D minor Op. 1 No. 1
Stanley, John – Solo No. 12
Starer, Robert – Yizkor and Anima Aeterna
Steckmest, H. – Fantasie “On Wings of Song”
Steckmest, H. – Loreley Paraphrase
Steffens, Walter – La Femme-Fleur Op. 11
Steiner, Carl – Humoresque
Steiner, Carl – Valsette
Stevenson, John – The Last Rose of Summer
Stoken, Frederick – Top of the morning
Strauss, Johann – Annen Polka
Strauss, Johann – Artists-Ball Dances
Strauss, Johann – Blue Danube Waltz
Strauss, Johann – Carefree Waltzes
Strauss, Johann – The Fantasten Waltzes
Strauss, Johann – Fruhlingsstimmen
Strauss, Johann – Heart Beat Waltzes
Strauss, Johann – Just Live! Waltzes
Strauss, Johann – Kathinka Polka
Strauss, Johann – Life of the Dances Waltzes
Strauss, Johann – Lorelei Sounds of the Rhein Waltzes
Strauss, Johann – The Nightingale Waltzes
Strauss, Johann – Radetzky March
Strauss, Johann – Roses without Thorns Waltzes
Strauss, Johann – Song of the Danube Waltzes
Strauss, Johann – The Swallows Waltzes
Strauss, Johann – Venetian Galop
Strauss, Johann – Vienna Carnival Quadrille
Strauss, Johann – Walhalla Toasts Waltzes
Strauss II, Johann – Prince Methusalem
Strauss, Richard – Introduction, Thema und Variationen O. Op. 56
Stravinsky, Igor – Sinfonia from Pulcinella
Stroman, Scott – Pas de Deux
Succari, Dia – Sicilienne
Sullivan, Anne – British Suite
Sullivan, Arthur – Gavotte from The Gondoliers
Svendsen, Johan S. – Andante funebre
Svendsen, Johan S. – Romance Op. 26
Svendsen, Johan S. – Solitude sur la Montagne
Swierzynski, Adam – Krakowiak
Swinstead, Felix – Sailor's Song
Taffanel, Paul – Allegretto & Allegro
Taffanel, Paul – Andante Pastoral et Scherzettino
Taffanel, Paul – Fantaisie on themes from "Der Freischutz"
Taffanel, Paul – Francoise de Rimini Fantaisie
Taffanel, Paul – Grande Fantaisie on themes from "Mignon"
Taffanel, Paul – Jean de Nivelle Fantaisie
Taffanel, Paul – Scene des Champs Elysees D'Orphee de Gluck
Taffanel, Paul – Sicilenne-Etude
Tamba, Akira – Piece a Danser
Tan, Mizi – Suite
Tan, Mizi – Two Lyrics of Yi People
Tardos, Bela – Prelude and Rondo
Tartini, Giuseppe – Introduction and Allegro Assai
Tartini, Giuseppe – Le Trille du Diable
Tatar Folk Song – In the Silver Moonlight
Tavener – Greek Interlude
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich – Andante Cantabile
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich – Barcarolle
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich – Dance of the Mirlitons
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich – June (Barcarolle) from The Seasons
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich – None but the Lonely Heart
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich – Serenade Melancolique Op. 26
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich – Song Without Words Op. 40 No. 6
Tcherepnin, Ivan – Pensamiento
Telemann, Georg Philipp – Italian Air
Telemann, Georg Philipp – Suite in A minor
Telfer, Nancy – Star-Gazing
Terschak, A. – Le Babillard Etude Caprice Op. 23
Terschak, Adolf – The Siren Op. 12
Thomas, Ambrose – Entr'acte-Gavotte from "Mignon"
Thompson, Barbara – Fantasy in A minor
Tian, Baoluo – Sonatina – Morning
Tircuit, Heuwell – Halcyon
Tomasi, Henri – Complainte, Danse de Mowgli
Tomasi, Henri – Le Petit Chevrier Corse
Toselli, Enrico – Serenada
Traditional – Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms / The Gentle Maiden
Traditional – Cailín na Gruaige Baine
Traditional – Danny Boy
Traditional – Lannigan’s Ball / The Kerry Dancesv Traditional – My Lagan Love
Traditional – The Shores of Amerikay
Traditional – Spanish Love Song
Traditional – Thousands Are Sailing
Traditional (Irish) – Brian Boru's March
Tull, Fisher – Fantasia on a Sonata of D. Scarlatti
Tulou, Jean-Louis – Grand Solo No. 3
Tulou, Jean-Louis – Grand Solo No. 5 Op. 79
Tulou, Jean-Louis – Grand Solo No. 6
Tulou, Jean-Louis – Grand Solo No. 11
Tulou, Jean-Louis – Grand Solo No. 12
Tulou, Jean-Louis – Grand Solo No. 13 Op. 96
Tulou, Jean-Louis – Grand Solo No. 14
Tulou, Jean-Louis – Introduktion und Variationen uber ein Thema von G. Rossini Op. 55
Tulou, Jean-Louis – Souvenir de Theatre Italien
Tzibin, V. – Tarantella
Ungar, Jay – Ashokan Farewell Theme from PBS Series The Civil War
Vachey, Henri – Aubade
Varelas, Dmitriy – Bossa
Veal, Arthur – Greek Pastoral
Verdi, Giuseppe – Brindisi
Villa-Lobos, Heitor – Aria from Bachianas Brasilieras No. 5
Vivier, Claude – Piece
Waldteufel, Émile – The Skaters Waltz
Walton, John – Sur le Lac
Walton, William – The Music Lesson from Music for Children Book 1
Weigl, Karl – Pictures from Childhood
Weinberg, Alan – Salsa Suite
Weinzweig, John – Birthday Notes
Weinzweig, John – Divertimento I
Weisbeker, A. – Napoleon's Grand March and Quick Step
Weisgarber, Elliot – Shenandoah - A Fantasia (from "Colloquies for Flute & Orchestra")
Wetzger, Paul – By the Brook Op. 33
Weyse, CEF – Rondeau
Whelan, Bill – Riverdance
Whitaker, Walter – Aubade
White, Felix – Habanera
Widor, Charles Marie – Suite
Wieniawski, Henri – Scherzo-Tarantelle
Wind, Chris – Piece for Flute and Piano
Woodall, Albert – Serenade
Xia, Zhenghua – To Hope for Returning
Young, Douglas – Reflections
Young, J. Harrington – Variations on "Jenny Jones"
Young, J. Harrington – Variations on "Robin Adair"
Yradier, Sebastian – La Paloma
Yuille-Smith, C.R. – Two Short Pieces
Yun, Isang – Garak
Yunnan Folk Song – Flowing Water in a Small River
Zander, Heinz Joachim – Rezitativ und Rondo
Zhu, Hengqian – Happy Salilha
Zuckert, Leon – Little Spanish Dance


Barratt, Carol – Bravo!
Brewis, Bert – Fun Music for Flute
Bullard, Alan – Party Time!
Chamberlain, Louise – Step it up!
Denwood, Shirley – Flute in Church
Ephross, Arthur – The Church Flutist Volume I Wedding Album
Fleming, Colin – The Irish Fluter
Harris, Paul – Easy Gershwin for Flute
Hart, Paul – All Jazzed Up
Lombardo, Ricky – A Sacred Collection Volume II
Monroe, Ervin – Celtic Music Collection
Moyse, Louis – First Solos for the Flute Player
Moyse, Louis – Forty Little Pieces
Moyse, Louis – Sixty-five Little Pieces
Moyse, Louis – Solos for the Flute Player
Pearce, Judith and Christopher Gunning – The Really Easy Flute Book
Rae, James – Easy Jazzy
Rampal, Jean-Pierre – Japanese Melodies
Reeman, John – Jazzy Flute 1
Wummer, John – Album of 30 Classical Pieces
Wye, Trevor – A Very Easy Flute Treasury


Bolling, Claude – California Suite – Flute, Guitar and Jazz Piano Trio
Bolling, Claude – Picnic Suite – Flute, Guitar and Jazz Piano Trio
Bolling, Claude – Suite – Flute and Jazz Piano Trio
Bolling, Claude – Suite No. 2 – Flute and Jazz Piano Trio

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Hailed by The WholeNote Magazine for her “lyricism, resourcefulness, and strong personal commitment to the flute”, Canadian flutist Samantha Chang is a musical tour de force and rising artist. Her mandate to perform, to teach, and to create opportunities for aspiring flutists is nothing short of astonishing.


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Bolling for Flute

Expected date of release: 2018
Samantha Chang is excited to be working with Mark Camilleri, Mark Inneo, and Pat Kilbride in recording Claude Bolling's works for flute. Stay tuned for updates!

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