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Aiello, Rita and John A. Sloboda – Musical Perceptions
Anderson, Michael Alan – St. Anne in Renaissance Music: Devotion and Politics
Anderson, Warren D. – Ethos and Education in Greek Music
Anderson, Warren D. – Music and Musicians in Ancient Greece
Andres, Ramon – El Luthier de Delft: Musica, Pintura y Ciencia en Tiempos de Vermeer y Spinoza
Andrews, Elizabeth – Healthy Practice for Musicians
Arnold, Denis – The New Oxford Companion to Music Volume 1-2
Aronoff, Frances Webber – Music and Young Children
Aronoff, Frances Webber – Songs and Activities for Young Children
Ashley, Terence – Learn to Read Music in 10 Lessons
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music – All Together! Teaching Music in Groups
Ausoni, Alberto – Music in Art
Baines, Anthony – The Oxford Companion to Musical Instruments
Baines, Anthony – Woodwind Instruments and their History
Baldauf-Berdes, Jane L. – Women Musicians of Venice: Musical Foundations 1525-1855
Baltimore Museum of Art – Musical Instruments and Their Portrayal in Art
Banks, Paul and Philip Reed – Painting and Music: The Britten-Pears Library Aldeburgh
Barber, David W. – When the Fat Lady Sings
Barbier, Patrick – Vivaldi's Venice: Music and Celebration in the Baroque Era
Barker, Andrew – Ancient Greek Writers on their Musical Past: Studies in Greek Music Historiography
Barlow, Harold and Sam Morgenstern – A Dictionary of Musical Themes
Baron, Carol K. – Bach's Changing World: Voices in the Community
Baroncini, Rodolfo, David Bryant and Luigi Collarile – Giovanni Gabrieli: Transmission and Reception of a Venetian Musical Tradition
Barry, Barbara R. – Musical Time: The Sense of Order
Bartolozzi, Bruno – New Sounds for Woodwind
Beck, Eleonora M. – Giotto's Harmony
Begbie, Jeremy S. and Steven R. Guthrie – Resonant Witness: Conversations between Music and Theology
Bell, Nicolas – Music in Medieval Manuscripts
Bellia, Angela and Clemente Marconi – Musicians in Ancient Coroplastic Art: Iconography, Ritual Contexts, and Functions
Ben-Tovim, Atarah and Douglas Boyd – The Right Instrument for Your Child
Berger, Anna Maria Busse – Medieval Music and the Art of Memory
Bernstein, Jane A. – Print Culture and Music in Sixteenth-Century Venice
Bernstein, Susan – Virtuosity of the Nineteenth Century: Performing Music and Language in Heine, Liszt, and Baudelaire
Bertoglio, Chiara – Reforming Music: Music and the Religious Reformations of the Sixteenth Century
Bini, Annalisa, Claudio Strinati and Rossella Vodret – Colori della Musica
Bloechl, Olivia, Melanie Lowe and Jeffrey Kallberg – Rethinking Difference in Music Scholarship
Bodman, Helene Dunn – Chinese Musical Iconography: A History of Musical Instruments Depicted in Chinese Art
Borge, Victor and Robert Sherman – My Favorite Comedies in Music
Borge, Victor and Robert Sherman – My Favorite Intermissions
Bowles, Edmund A. – Musical Ensembles in Festival Books, 1500-1800: An Iconographical and Documentary Survey
Bradley, Ian L. – Twentieth Century Canadian Composers
Brinson, Peter – The Arts in Schools: Principles, Practice and Provision
Brover-Lubovsky, Bella – Tonal Space in the Music of Antonio Vivaldi
Brown, Clive – Classical and Romantic Performing Practice 1750-1900
Brown, Howard Mayer and Joan Lascelle – Musical Iconography
Brubaker, Bruce, Pascal Decroupet, Mark Delaere, Justin London and Ian Pace – Unfolding Time: Studies in Temporality in Twentieth Century Music
Bruser, Madeline – The Art of Practicing
Buch, David J. – Magic Flutes and Enchanted Forests: The Supernatural in Eighteenth-Century Musical Theater
Buckley, Ann – Hearing the Past: Essays in Historical Ethnomusicology and the Archaeology of Sound
Budd, Malcolm – Music and the Emotions: The Philosophical Theories
Buelow, George J. – A History of Baroque Music
Buetens, Stanley – Method for the Renaissance Lute
Bundrick, Sheramy D. – Music and Image in Classical Athens
Burgers, Jan W. J. – The Lute in the Dutch Golden Age: Material Culture in the Netherlands 1580-1670
Burgers, Jan W. J., Tim Crawford and Matthew Spring – The Lute in the Netherlands in the Seventeenth Century
Burkholder, J. Peter – A History of Western Music
Burkholder, J. Peter and Claude V. Palisca – Norton Anthology of Western Music: Volume 1 Ancient to Baroque
Burkholder, J. Peter and Claude V. Palisca – Norton Anthology of Western Music: Volume 2 Classic to Twentieth Century
Burnett, Charles, Michael Fend and Penelope Gouk – The Second Sense: Studies in Hearing and Musical Judgement from Antiquity to the Seventeenth Century
Burnett, Henry and Roy Nitzberg – Composition, Chromaticism and the Developmental Process: A New Theory of Tonality
Burton, Anthony – A Performer's Guide to Music of the Baroque Period
Burton, Anthony – A Performer's Guide to Music of the Classical Period
Burton, Anthony – A Performer's Guide to Music of the Romantic Period
Butt, John – Playing with History
Butterworth, Philip and Katie Normington – European Theatre Performance Practice, 1400-1580
Buzzi, Franco and Marco Navoni – I colori della musica: The Colours of Music
Carroll, Paul – Baroque Woodwind Instruments
Carter, Tim – Music, Patronage and Printing in Late Renaissance Florence
Chafe, Eric – Tonal Allegory in the Vocal Music of J.S. Bach
Chun, Allen, Ned Rossiter and Brian Shoesmith – Refashioning Pop Music in Asia
Cite de la musique – Moyen Age entre ordre et desordre
Clark, Caryl – Haydn's Jews
Clark, Suzannah and Alexander Rehding – Music in Time: Phenomenology, Perception, Performance
Clarke, David and Eric Clarke – Music and Consciousness: Philosophical, Psychological, and Cultural Perspectives
Clarke, Eric F. – Ways of Listening
Cleave, Shirley and Karen Dust – A Sound Start: The Schools' Instrumental Music Service
Clouzot, Martine – Images de Musiciens (1350-1500)
Clouzot, Martine and Christine Laloue – Les representations de la musique au Moyen Age
Cobussen, Marcel, Vincent Meelberg and Barry Truax – The Routledge Compantion to Sounding Art
Cochrane, Tom, Bernardino Fantini and Klaus R. Scherer – The Emotional Power of Music: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Musical Arousal, Expression, and Social Control
Coeurdevey, Annie and Philippe Vendrix – Musique, theologie et sacre, d'Oresme a Erasme
Coleman, Patrick – The Art of Music
Coles Notes – Music Lessons for Kids
College Music Society, The – Directory of Music Faculties in Colleges and Universities, U.S. and Canada 2016-17
Comotti, Giovanni – Music in Greek and Roman Culture
Cooke, Deryck – The Language of Music
Cooke, Greville – Tonality and Expression
Cox, Arnie – Music and Embodied Cognition: Listening, Moving, Feeling, and Thinking
Currie, James R. – Music and The Politics of Negation
Cypess, Rebecca – Curious and Modern Inventions: Instrumental Music as Discovery in Galileo's Italy
Czerwenka-Papadopoulos, Karoline – Typologie des Musikerportrats in Malerei und Graphik: Bildband
Czerwenka-Papadopoulos, Karoline – Typologie des Musikerportrats in Malerei und Graphik: Textband
D'Accone, Frank A. – Music and Musicians in 16th-Century Florence
D'Accone, Frank A. – Music in Renaissance Florence: Studies and Documents
Damiani, Andrea – Method for Renaissance Lute
Danziger, Danny – The Orchestra
Dart, Thurston – The Interpretation of Music
Davidson, Jane W. – The Music Practitioner: Research for the Music Performer, Teacher and Listener
Davies, Stephen – Musical Works and Performances: A Philosophical Exploration
Davis, Richard – Becoming an Orchestral Musician: A Guide for Aspiring Professionals
Day, Timothy – A Century of Recorded Music: Listening to Musical History
de Mille, Charlotte – Music and Modernism, c. 1849-1950
DeFord, Ruth I. – Tactus, Mensuration, and Rhythm in Renaissance Music
Deliege, Irene and John Sloboda – Musical Beginnings: Origins and Development of Musical Competence
Dell'Antonio, Andrew – Listening as Spiritual Practice in Early Modern Italy
Deutsch, Diana – The Psychology of Music
Dietz, William – Teaching Woodwinds
Disertori, Benvenuto – La Musica nei Quadri Antichi
Donington, Robert – The Instruments of Music
Donington, Robert – The Interpretation of Early Music
Dorian, Frederick – The History of Music in Performance: The Art of Musical Interpretation From the Renaissance to our Day
Downes, Stephen – Aesthetics of Music: Musicological Perspectives
Dunbar, Julie C. – Women, Music, Culture: An Introduction
Dunstan, Ralph – A Cyclopaedic Dictionary of Music
Durrant, Colin and Graham Welch – Making Sense of Music: Foundations for Music Education
Eisen, Cliff and Alan Davison – Late Eighteenth-Century Music and Visual Culture
Ellison, Paul M. – The Key to Beethoven: Connecting Tonality and Meaning in His Music
Ember, Ildiko – Music in Painting
Entwistle, Noel – Styles of Learning and Teaching
Epp, Maureen and Brian E. Power – The Sounds and Sights of Performance in Early Music
Evans, Andrew – The Secrets of Musical Confidence
Everett, Paul – Vivaldi The Four Seasons and Other Concertos Op. 8
Fabian, Dorottya, Renee Timmers and Emery Schubert – Empirical Approaches Across Styles and Cultures: Expressiveness in Music Performance
Falletti, Franca, Renato Meucci and Gabriele Rossi-Rognoni – Marvels of Sound and Beauty Italian Baroque Musical Instruments
Federation of Music Services and the National Association of Music Education and the Royal College of Music – A Common Approach Brass, Percussion, and Strings
Ferino-Pagden, Sylvia – Dipingere la musica: Musik in der Malerei des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts
Findlay, Elsa – Rhythm and Movement: Applications of Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Fischer, Henry George – The Renaissance Sackbut and Its Use Today
Fischer, Pieter – Music in Paintings of the Low Countries in the 16th and 17th Centuries
Fisher, Alexander J. – Music, Piety, and Propaganda: The Soundscapes of Counter-Reformation Bavaria
Fletcher, Peter – Education and Music
Florentin, Peter P. – Sight-Reading Modern Rhythms
Focht, Josef and Hans Gurski – Das Gloria der Engel im Furststift Kempten
Forman, Sir Denis – A Night at the Opera
Forsyth, Cecil – Orchestration
Foster, Genette – The Iconology of Musical Instruments and Musical Performance in Thirteenth-Century French Manuscript Illuminations
Franklin, John C. – Kinyras: The Divine Lyre
Fulcher, Jane F. – The Oxford Handbook of the New Cultural History of Music
Garofalo, Reebee – Rockin' Out Third Edition
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag – The Ear Catches the Eye: Music in Japanese Prints
Getreau, Florence – Musique, images, instruments: Portraits, ballets, traites
Glixon, Jonathan – Honoring God and the City: Music at the Venetian Confraternities, 1260-1807
Godlovitch, Stan – Musical Performance: A Philosophical Study
Goehr, Lydia – The Imaginary Museum of Musical Works: An Essay in the Philosophy of Music
Gordon, Stewart – Mastering the Art of Performance: A Primer for Musicians
Gouk, Penelope – Music, Science and Natural Magic in Seventeenth-Century-England
Gozza, Paolo – Number to Sound: The Musical Way to the Scientific Revolution
Gracyk, Theodore and Andrew Kania – The Routledge Companion to Philosophy and Music
Grant, Roger Mathew – Beating Time and Measuring Music in the Early Modern Era
Grave, Floyd and Margaret Grave – The String Quartets of Joseph Haydn
Green, Barry and W. Timothy Gallwey – The Inner Game of Music
Green, Lucy – Hear, Listen, Play!
Green, Lucy – How Popular Musicians Learn: A Way Ahead for Music Education
Green, Lucy – Music, Gender, Education
Green, Lucy – Music, Informal Learning and the School: A New Classroom Pedagogy
Groos, Ulrike – Ars Musica in Venedig im 16. Jahrhundert
Guidobaldi, Nicoletta – Prospettive di iconografia musicale
Guralnick, Peter – The Blues
Gutmann, Veronika – Musik in Basel um 1750
Guy, Nancy – Peking Opera and Politics in Taiwan
Haar, James – Essays on Italian Poetry and Music in the Renaissance 1350-1600
Haar, James – The Science and Art of Renaissance Music
Hagel, Stefan – Ancient Greek Music: A New Technical History
Hagen, Timothy – The Scientific Method of Practicing
Hallam, Susan – Instrumental Teaching: A Practical Guide to Better Teaching and Learning
Hallmark, Rufus – German Lieder in the Nineteenth Century
Hamann, Donald L. – On Staff
Hamilton, David – The Listener's Guide to Great Instrumentalists
Hanning, Barbara Russano – Concise History of Western Music
Hargreaves, David J. – The Developmental Psychology of Music
Harris, Paul – Improve your practice! Grade 5
Harris, Paul – Improve your teaching!
Harris, Paul – Improve your teaching! Teaching beginners
Harris, Paul and Richard Crozier – The Music Teacher's Companion A Practical Guide
Harrison, Bernhard – Haydn Paris Symphonies
Harvey, Eddie – Jazz in the Classroom Pupil's Book
Harvey, Eddie – Jazz in the Classroom Teacher's Book
Haward, Lawrence – Music in Painting
Haworth, Catherine and Lisa Colton – Gender, Age and Musical Creativity
Heartz, Daniel – Mozart's Opera
Helmholtz, Hermann L. F. – On the Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music
Henke, Robert and M.A. Katritzky – European Theatre Performance Practice, 1580-1750
Henson, Karen – Opera Acts: Singers and Performance in the Late Nineteenth Century
Herbert, Victor – Music in Words
Hindemith, Paul – Elementary Training for Musicians
Hindley, Geoffrey – The Larousse Encyclopedia of Music
Ho, Wai-chung – School Music Education and Social Change in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
Hoffnung, Gerard – The Hoffnung Symphony Orchestra
Hoffnung, Gerard – The Maestro
Hohne, Erich – Music in Art
Holsinger, Bruce W. – Music, Body, and Desire in Medieval Culture: Hildegard of Bingen to Chaucer
Howard, Deborah and Laura Moretti – Architettura e musica nella Venezia del Rinascimento
Howard, Deborah and Laura Moretti – The Music Room in Early Modern France and Italy
Hunter, Mary – Mozart's Operas A Companion
Huskinson, John – Handel and the Fitzwilliam
Ishiguro, Maho A. – The Affective Properties of Keys in Instrumental Music from the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Jacques-Dalcroze, Emile – Rhythm, Music and Education
Jimenez, Raquel, Rupert Till and Mark Howell – Music and Ritual: Bridging Material and Living Cultures
Judd, Cristle Collins – Reading Renaissance Music Theory
Juslin, Patrik N. and John A. Sloboda – Handbook of Music and Emotion: Theory, Research, Applications
Kadis, Howard – A Guide to Reading Renaissance Lute Tablature
Kallmann, Helmut – Encyclopedia of Music in Canada 2nd Edition
Kamien, Roger – Music An Appreciation
Keefe, Simon P. – The Cambridge History of Eighteenth-Century Music
Kelly, Thomas Forrest – First Nights at the Opera
Kemp, Anthony E. – The Musical Temperament: Psychology and Personality of Musicians
Kendrick, Robert L. – Celestial Sirens: Nuns and their Music in Early Modern Milan
Kennedy, Michael – The Oxford Dictionary of Music New Edition
Kerman, Joseph – Contemplating Music: Challenges in Musicology
Kerman, Joseph and Gary Tomlinson – Listen
Kiado, Corvina – Music in Painting
Kinderman, William and Harald Krebs – The Second Practice of Nineteenth-Century Tonality
Knighton, Tess – Companion to Music in the Age of the Catholic Monarchs
Kramer, Jonathan D. – The Time of Music: New meanings, New Temporalities, New Listening Strategies
Kuyper, Jon Quentin – Marc-Antoine Charpentier's Regles de Composition: A Translation and Commentary
Lagnier, Emanuela – Iconografia musicale in valle d'aosta
Lampl, Hans – Turning Notes Into Music
Landels, John G. – Music in Ancient Greece and Rome
Landon, H. C. Robbins and John Julius Norwich – Five Centuries of Music in Venice
Latham, Alison – The Oxford Companion to Music
Lawson, Colin – The Cambridge Companion to the Orchestra
Lawson, Colin and Robin Stowell – The Cambridge History of Musical Performance
Lawson, Colin and Robin Stowell – The Historical Performance of Music: An Introduction
Lebrecht, Norman – The Book of Musical Anecdotes
Lebrecht, Norman – The Companion to 20th Century Music
Lebrecht, Norman – The Life and Death of Classical Music
Legg, Pat – Practise for Pleasure: A Pocket Guide for Music Students and Late Starters
Leppert, Richard – The Sight of Sound: Music, Representation, and the History of the Body
Leppert, Richard D. – Arcadia at Versailles
Leppert, Richard D. – The Theme of Music in Flemish Paintings of the Seventeenth Century Volume I
Leppert, Richard D. – The Theme of Music in Flemish Paintings of the Seventeenth Century Volume II
Lerdahl, Fred – Tonal Pitch Space
Lester, Joel – Between Modes and Keys: German Theory 1592-1802
Lesure, Francois – Music and Art in Society
Levin, Flora R. – Greek Reflections on the Nature of Music
Lewis, Susan – Music in the Baroque World: History, Culture, and Performance
Libin, Laurence – American Musical Instruments in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Lippman, Edward A. – Musical Thought in Ancient Greece
Lloyd-Watts, Valery – Ornamentation
Lockspeiser, Edward – Music and Painting
Lockwood, Lewis – Music in Renaissance Ferrara 1400-1505
Loewen, Peter V. – Music in Early Franciscan Thought
Lopez-Carlo, Jose – Los Instrumentos del Portico de la Gloria: Vol. I and Vol. II
Lopinski, Janet, Joe Ringhofer, and Peter Zarins – Explorations Volume 1-3
Lopinski, Janet, Joe Ringhofer, and Peter Zarins – Exploring Music History Volume 1-3
Lowinsky, Edward E. – Tonality and Atonality in Sixteenth-Century Music
Lucy, Charles E. H. – Pitch, Pi, and Other Musical Paradoxes: A Practical Guide to Natural Microtonality
Lundberg, Robert – Historical Lute Construction
Maas, Martha and Jane McIntosh Snyder – Stringed Instruments of Ancient Greece
Machlis, Joseph – The Enjoyment of Music Tenth Edition
Machlis, Joseph – The Enjoyment of Music Eleventh Edition Shorter Version
Machlis, Joseph – The Norton Scores Tenth Edition
Macioce, Stefania and Enrico De Pascale – La musica al tempo di Caravaggio
MacTaggart, Peter & Ann – Painting & Marbling Harpsichord Cases
Maddox, Robert – Is That A Good Word For You?
Madell, Geoffrey – Philosophy, Music and Emotion
Majer, Carlo – Musica e pittura
Marchesin, Isabelle – L'image organum: La representation de la musique dans les psautiers medievaux 800-1200
Marcucci, Luisa – Mostra di Strumenti Musicali in Disegni degli Uffizi
Mark, Thomas Carson – Motion, Emotion, and Love: The Nature of Artistic Performance
Marsden, Alan – Representing Musical Time: A Temporal-Logic Approach
Martin, Russell – Beethoven's Hair
Martin-Mery, Gilberte – L'art et la musique
Massey, Michael – Canadian Repertoire Manual for Youth & Community Orchestras
Mathiesen, Thomas J. – Apollo's Lyre: Greek Music and Music Theory in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
McCarthy, T.J.H. – Music, Scholasticism and Reform: Salian Germany 1024-1125
McClain, Ernest G. – The Pythagorean Plato: Prelude to the Song Itself
McClatchy, J. D. – Seven Mozart Librettos
McElheran, Brock – Conducting Technique
McGee, Timothy J. – The Ceremonial Musicians of Late Medieval Florence
McGee, Timothy J. – Improvisation in the Arts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
McGee, Timothy J. – Instruments and Their Music in the Middle Ages
McGee, Timothy J. – Medieval and Renaissance Music: A Performer's Guide
McGee, Timothy J. – Medieval Instrumental Dances
McGee, Timothy J. – The Music of Canada
McGee, Timothy J. – Singing Early Music: The Pronunciation of European Languages in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance
McGee, Timothy J. – The Sound of Medieval Song: Ornamentation and Vocal Style according to the Treatises
McGee, Timothy J. and Stewart Carter – Instruments, Ensembles, and Repertory, 1300-1600
McIver, Katherine A. – Art and Music in the Early Modern Period: Essays in Honor of Franca Trinchieri Camiz
McPherson, Gary E. – The Child as Musician: A Handbook of Musical Development
Mead, Virginia Hoge – Dalcroze Eurhythmics in Today's Music Classroom
Mei, Girolamo – Letters onn Ancient and Modern Music to Vincenzo Galilei and Giovanni Bardi
Meyer, Leonard B. – Emotion and Meaning in Music
Mills, Janet – Instrumental Teaching
Mitchell, Mark – Virtuosi: A Defense and a (Sometimes Erotic) Celebration of Great Pianists
Mittler, Barbara – Dangerous Tunes The Politics of Chinese Music in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the People's Republic of China since 1949
Monelle, Raymond – The Sense of Music: Semiotic Essays
Monson, Craig A. – The Crannied Wall
Monson, Craig A. – Disembodied Voices
Monson, Craig A. – Divas in the Convent
Monson, Craig A. – Nuns Behaving Badly
Monson, Craig A. – Voices and Viols in England, 1600-1650
Montagu, Jeremy and Gwen Montagu – Minstrels and Angels: Carvings of Musicians in Medieval English Curches
Moore, Timothy J. – Music in Roman Comedy
Morton, Marsha L. and Peter L. Schmunk – The Arts Entwined Music and Painting in the Nineteenth Century
Moskowitz, Marc L. – Cries of Joy, Songs of Sorrow Chinese Pop Music and Its Cultural Connotations
Muller, Mette – The Power of the Harp
Musgrave, Michael and Bernard D. Sherman – Performing Brahms: Early Evidence of Performance Style
Musique, Images, Instruments – No. 3 Nouveaux timbres, nouvelle sensibilite au XVIIIe siecle (1ere partie)
Musique, Images, Instruments – No. 5 Musiciens, facteurs et theoriciens de la Renaissance
Norris, Jim – Music Directory Canada 9th Edition
Norton, Richard – Tonality in Western Culture: A Critical and Historical Perspective
Nussbaum, Charles O. – The Musical Representation: Meaning, Ontology, and Emotion
O'Connor, Joseph – Not Pulling Strings
Odam, George – The Sounding Symbol: Music Education in Action
O'Dea, Jane – Virtue or Virtuosity? Explorations in the Ethics of Musical Performance
Oglethorpe, Sheila – Instrumental Music for Dyslexics: A Teaching Handbook
Olmstead, Andrea – Juilliard A History
Orchestras Canada – Filling the House Part 
Paganelli, Sergio – Musical Instruments from the Renaissance to the 19th Century
Palisca, Claude V. – Humanism in Italian Renaissance Musical Thought
Paquette, Daniel – L'instrument de musique dans la ceramique de la Grece antique: Etudes d'Organologie
Paras, Jason – The Music for Viola Bastarda
Parncutt, Richard and Gary E. McPherson – The Science and Psychology of Music Performance
Parrott, Andrew – Composers' Intentions? Lost Traditions of Musical Performance
Pelosi, Francesco – Plato on Music, Soul and Body
Peters, G. David and Robert F. Miller – Music Teaching and Learning
Peyser, Joan – The Orchestra
Philip, Robert – Performing Music in the Age of Recording
Philip, Robert T. – Early Recordings and Musical Style
Phillips, Kenneth H. – Basic Techniques of Conducting
Phillips, Tom – Music in Art Through the Ages
Pincherle, Marc – The World of the Virtuoso
Pizzigoi, Davide – The Magic Flute
Podnos, Theodor – Intonation for Strings, Winds, and Singers
Pogue, David and Scott Speck – Classical Music for Dummies
Pogue, David and Scott Speck – Opera for Dummies
Pohlmann, Egert and Martin L. West – Documents of Ancient Greek Music
Porter, Maurice M. – The Embouchure
Poulton, Diana – A Tutor for the Renaissance Lute
Poulton, Diana – An Introduction to Lute Playing
Poulton, Diana – Lute Playing Technique
Pratt, George and John Stephens – Teachig Music in the National Curriculum
Pratt, George, Michael Henson and Simon Cargill – Aural Awareness: Principles and Practice
Prins, Jacomien – Echoes of an Invisible World: Marsilio Ficino and Francesco Patrizi on Cosmic Order and Music Theory
Randel, Don Michael – The Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music
Randel, Don Michael – The Harvard Concise Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Randel, Don Michael – The Harvard Dictionary of Music 4th Edition
Randel, Don Michael – The New Harvard Dictionary of Music
Rasch, Rudolf – Beyond Notes: Improvisation in Western Music of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Reimer, Bennett – A Philosophy of Music Education
Reiner, Thomas – Semiotics of Musical Time
Revesz, Geza – Introduction to the Psychology of Music
Rice, John A. – W.A. Mozart La clemenza di Tito
Rich, Alan – Music: Mirror of the Arts
Riding, Alan and Leslie Dunton-Downer – Opera
Rings, Steven – Tonality and Transformation
Rink, John – The Practice of Performance: Studies in Musical Interpretation
Robinson, Jenefer – Music and Meaning
Rosen, Charles – The Classical Style Haydn Mozart Beethoven
Rosen, Charles – Critical Entertainments: Music Old and New
Rosenbaum, Harold – A Practical Guide to Choral Conducting
Rox, Henry – The Eye Listens: Music in the Visual Arts
Royal Academy of Music – The Royal Academy of Music A Pictorial History
Rudolf, Max – The Grammar of Conducting
Rueger, Christoph – Musical Instruments and Their Decorations
Sabatier, Francois – Miroirs de la musique
Sadie, Stanley – The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians Volume 1-29
Sadie, Stanley – The Norton/Grove Concise Encyclopedia of Music
Samama, Leo – The Meaning of Music
Samson, Jim – Virtuosity and the Musical Work: The Transcendental Studies of Liszt
Santarelli, Cristina – Musica e Immagine: Introduzione all'iconografia musicale
Sauerlandt, Max – Musical Instruments in Pictures: Die Musik in fünf Jahrhunderten der europäischen Malerei
Schabas, Ezra – There's Music in These Walls
Schaik, Martin van – The Harp in the Middle Ages: The Symbolism of a Musical Instrument
Schenker, Heinrich – The Art of Performance
Schiltz, Katelijne – Music and Riddle Culture in the Renaissance
Schlesinger, Kathleen – The Greek Aulos
Schmidt-Beste, Thomas – Institutions and Patronage in Renaissance Music
Schmidt-Beste, Thomas – The Sonata
Scholes, Percy A. – The Oxford Companion to Music 10th Edition
Schott, Howard – The Historical Harpsichord Volume Four
Schott, Howard and Anthony Baines – Catalogue of Musical Instruments in the Victoria and Albert Museum
Schubart, Christian Friedrich Daniel – Ideen zu Einer Asthetik der Tonkunst
Seashore, Carl E. – Psychology of Music
Seipel, Wilfried – Fur Aug' und Ohr: Musik in Kunst- und Wunderkammern
Selfridge-Field, Eleanor – Venetian Instrumental Music from Gabrieli to Vivaldi
Sharp, Caroline – Providing Instrumental Music Tuition
Shaw-Miller, Simon – Eye hEar The Visual in Music
Shephard, Tim – Echoing Helicon: Music, Art and Identity in the Este Studioli, 1440-1530
Shephard, Tim and Anne Leonard – The Routledge Companion to Music and Visual Culture
Slim, H. Colin – Painting Music in the Sixteenth Century
Sloboda, John A. – Generative Processes in Music: The Psychology of Performance, Improvisation, and Composition
Sloboda, John A. – Exploring the Musical Mind: Cognition, Emotion, Ability, Function
Sloboda, John A. – The Musical Mind: The Cognitive Psychology of Music
Slonimsky, Nicolas – Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians Volume 1-6
Slonimsky, Nicolas – Slonimsky's Book of Musical Anecdotes
Smetak, Walter – Simbologia dos Instrumentos
Smith, Anne – The Performance of 16th-Century Music: Learning from the Theorists
Smith, Douglas Alton – A History of the Lute from Antiquity to the Renaissance
Smith, Judyth Schaubhut, David Stivender and Susan Webb – The Metropolitan Opera Book of Mozart Operas
Spiegl, Fritz – Music Through the Looking Glass
Spitzer, Michael – Metaphor and Musical Thought
Spruce, Gary – Teaching Music
Steblin, Rita – A History of Key Characteristics in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries
Steinberg, Michael – The Concerto
Steinberg, Michael – The Symphony
Stolba, K. Marie – The Development of Western Music
Storr, Anthony – Music and the Mind
Suzuki, Shinichi – Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education
Swanwick, Keith – Music, Mind, and Education
Swanwick, Keith – Musical Knowledge: Intuition, Analysis and Music Education
Swanwick, Keith – Teaching Music Musically
Tammen, Bjorn R. – Imago Musicae 27-28
Taylor, Benedict – The Melody of Time: Music and Temporality in the Romantic Era
Theaker, Daniel G. – A Working Musician's Joke Book
Thompson, Shirley – New Perspectives on Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Thompson, William Forde – Music, Thought, and Feeling: Understanding the Psychology of Music
Thornton, Peter – Musical Instruments as Works of Art
Tickell, Diana – The Pocket Practice Book
Tindall, Blair – Mozart in the Jungle
Tolley, Thomas – Painting the Cannon's Roar
Vaccaro, Jean-Michel – Le Concert des voix et des instruments a la Renissance
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楊嘉仁 – 指揮法

About Samantha

Flutist, conductor, musical tour de force
Hailed by The WholeNote Magazine for her “lyricism, resourcefulness, and strong personal commitment to the flute”, Canadian flutist Samantha Chang is a musical tour de force and rising artist. Her mandate to perform, to teach, and to create opportunities for aspiring flutists is nothing short of astonishing.


Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 5, 2018 7:30 PM
OCMS-SO 19th Annual Concert at Yorkminster Citadel (One Lord Seaton Road, North York, ON)

Sunday, June 10, 2018 2:00 PM
CASTYO 25th Annual Concert at Glenn Gould Studio (250 Front Street West, Toronto, ON)

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Bolling for Flute

Expected date of release: 2019
Samantha Chang is excited to be working with Mark Camilleri, Mark Inneo, and Pat Kilbride in recording Claude Bolling's works for flute. Stay tuned for updates!

Bolling at Koerner Hall

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