Flute Duets

Kuhlau Three Duets Op. 80Mercadante Drei DuosMozart Die ZauberfloteSchocker Traditional Japanese MelodiesSchocker Traditional Korean MelodiesSchocker Traditional Taiwanese Melodies


BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van - Allegro and Menuett

BLAVET, Michel - Variations on a theme by Corelli

DEVIENNE, François - Air with Variations

KOHLER, Hans - Sonatina

Tempo di Marcia

KUHLAU, Friedrich - Three Duets Op. 80

Duet I Allegro con gusto
Duet I Andante con moto
Duet I Rondo Allegro moderato

Duet II Adagio, Allegro con brio
Duet II Larghetto
Duet II Rondo Allegro vivace

LOEILLET, Jean Baptiste - Sonata No. III Largo

MERCADANTE, Saverio - Drei Duos

Duo I Larghetto amabile
Duo I Tempo di Valse

Duo II Allegro affettuoso
Duo II Adagio
Duo II Rondo Allegro brillante

Duo III Allegro maestoso
Duo III Polacca Allegro brillante

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus - Die Zauberflöte für zwei Flöten nach einer Ausgabe von 1792

No. 1 Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja
I am the jolly bird-catcher, known by young and old throughout the land is the way Papageno introduces himself in the first aria of the opera. He whistles on his panpipe between phrases.

No. 2 Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön
Surely no eye has yet behold such enchanting beauty, sings Tamino when he first sees Paminas portrait. The Queen of the Night has sent him a miniature if her daughter, Pamina, along with the message that Pamina us being held captive by Sarastro. Tamino is struck by her beauty and falls in love.

No. 3 Du fienes Täubchen, nur herein
In here, my pretty! Pamina has been caught trying to escape, and is taunted by Monostatos with threats of deaths unless she succumbs to his unwelcome attentions.

No. 4 Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen
The man who feels true love has also a kind heart. Pamina reassures Papageno when he despairs of finding his true love, and the two sing a duet about the power of love.

No. 5 Zum Ziele führt dich diese Bahn*)
*) Aus dem Finale des 1. Aktes (Out of the 1st act, finale)

No. 6 Wie stark ist nicht dein Zauberton*)
How strong is your magical tone, dear flute, that through your melody even wild animals find joy. As Tamino plays his magical flute, the animals come out of the forest to listen. *) Aus dem Finale des 1. Aktes (Out of the 1st act, finale)

No. 7 Das klinget so herrlich*)
*) Aus dem Finale des 1. Aktes (Out of the 1st act, finale)

No. 8 Bewahret euch vor Weibertücken

No. 9 Alles fühlt der Liebe Freuden

No. 10 In diesen heilgen Hallen

No. 11 Marsch der Priester

No. 12 O Isis und Osiris

No. 13 Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen
The wrath of hell boils in my heart The Queen of the Night orders Pamina to kill Sarastro, swearing a mothers vengeance in one of the most remarkable coloratura arias ever written.

No. 14 Seid uns zum zweiten Mal willkommen
We bid you welcome yet again The three Genii who have been guiding Tamino and Papageno bring food and drink to them both, returning to Tamino his magic flute and to Papageno his magic chimes.

No. 15 Ach, ich fühls, es ist verschwunden
Ah, I feel it is gone forever, the happiness of love Pamina has found Tamino at last, but, unaware of his vow of silence, fear he no longer loves her.

No. 16 Soll ich dich, Teurer, nicht mehr shen

No. 17 Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen
A pretty little wife is Papagenos wish Papageno expresses his longing for a lady love, observing that love makes the world go round.

SCHOCKER, Gary - Traditional Japanese Melodies

I Momiji (Red Japanese Maple Leaf or Japanese Maple)
II Koujou no tuki (Moon Over Castle Ruins)
III Sousyunnfu (Ode to Early Spring)
IV Haruyo Koi (Come Spring)
V Furusato (Song of My Hometown)

SCHOCKER, Gary - Traditional Korean Melodies

I Gyong-bog gung ta-ryeong
II Geum-gang-san ta-ryeong
III Nam-po ta-ryeong
IV Ta-ryeong

SCHOCKER, Gary - Traditional Taiwanese Melodies

I Silhouette
II Torn Fishing Net
III Come Back to Me, Lover
IV Cheerful
V Longing
VI Whispering Hope
VII Grief
VIII Summer Jasmine
IX Twilight of Tam-Sui
X Dreaming by the Stream

TAN, Mizi - Jasmine



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